Friday, September 23, 2016

The day Katie got married

Not long ago, Katie was my crazy friend who had constant guy troubles (mostly because she let them treat her like shit.)

Then she met Eric, and everything seemed to change. The crazy stopped, she seemed more content and settled. And then he proposed, and then one week later they got married.

Okay, so it was three months later, but still....warp speed. 

They decided to get married in Golden, Colorado, so Missy and I packed up our carry on bags and headed over there. We took full advantage of the weekend and did a ton of stuff! 

When landed on Saturday morning, and after a terribly long wait for a rental car, we went hiking at this glacier and it was amazingggggggg. Most beautiful thing I have ever seen. 

Seriously, so beautiful. 

The next morning, we got up and headed to Red Rocks for a 9/11 stair climb. We walked 110 flights of stairs, the equivalent to the twin towers. 

It hurt bad - I can't lie. And I cried big crocodile tears at the ceremony. 

Later that night, we finally went to the main event, the only reason we were in Colorado - Kate's wedding to Eric. 

It was a beautiful ceremony, and Katie looked amazing. One of Eric's best friends officiated, so it was very personal and sweet.

Many, many congrats and well wishes to the happy couple! Who are probably already expecting a baby, with the way they are speeding through their commitments. 

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