Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day vacation

Ohhhh three day weekends, I fucking love you. 

The next couple weekends I'm going to be out of town and I'm not going to be able to sleep in, which is my soul reason for living anymore. So I took advantage this weekend of both sleeping in and doing whatever I damn well pleased. 

Friday night I met my sister for dinner, then went home and started watching Stranger Things on Netflix. Watch it. Watch it watch it. 

Saturday I ran a bunch of errands and cleaned everything in my apartment (I love cleaning). Then I flipped between college football and Stranger Things ALL DAY LONG. It was seriously glorious. Perfect Saturday. 

Sunday - there is NOTHING better than a Sunday when you have Monday off work. I was going to go boating with the Boone's, but the weather was kind of iffy so instead I just headed down to Nick's mom's house and spent all day with them. It was so wonderful. I love Jan and Dick, I love their house and I love how comfortable I feel when I am there. Plus Jan made this ridiculously amazing dinner than I am going to try to replicate but I feel like I will fail. 

On Monday it was time to bond with my own family, so over to Dad's I went. 

Is that kid kidding me?! He is so precious. And when I'm around he attaches himself to me, which I love. 

I came home Monday night complete in love with my life. I did all my Sunday night chores - laundry and food prep - and went to bed early. This is a picture amazing casserole I made for my lunches this week. It is red potatoes, turkey sausage, hot sauce and low fat cheddar cheese. 

Pay no attention to the burn marks on that oven mitt. 

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