Thursday, August 18, 2016

Say my name, say my name

Obviously, since I just started a new job, I have been introducing myself a lot. I have introduced myself the same way since I was about 10 years old:

"Hi, I'm JenWilson." JenWilson quickly, almost as if that's my first name.

I've always been a Jen. One n. My mom picked the name Jennifer because she wanted people to call me Jenny, but that never stuck. I've always been Jen. One n. (There is a difference, and I will correct you.)

However, since starting my new job, everyone has called me Jennifer. I'm not sure if it's because there was about a month between when I accepted the job and when I actually started, so they had gotten used to referring to the new girl as Jennifer or what the deal is, but no matter how many times I refer to myself as Jen, I get called Jennifer.

So...I've been questioning my whole life.

A few weeks ago, Gavin was at my apartment and he was drawing on the chalkboard I painted on my pantry door (shhh, don't tell my landlord), and I asked him if he knew how to spell my name. He looked at me like I'm a moron (he is almost ten, jeez Aunt Jen) and wrote J E N on the door. "Well, my real name is Jennifer, can you spell that?" He looked at me like I told him I had 11 toes. "Jennifer? No one calls you that."

Right, Gavin? I know. So that's why I probably look like a moron at work, because when someone says "Jennifer" to me, I have an extremely delayed reaction.

Last night I went to Nick's mom's house because she has Chandler and Cooper this week. I haven't seen those boys in WEEKS, so I was dying to get down there and hang out with them. Jan made dinner, and she was like "Jennifer, here's your bowl, help yourself." I went to dish some chili into my bowl and I glanced down at Chandler. He was staring at his grandma, and then let us know that he is not used to hearing me called Jennifer.

Jan has always been one of the few to call me Jennifer. My mom does every once in awhile, and my dad/Peg do when they are pissy pants about something, or when I say something wildly inappropriate (so often). And recently Missy has started, but I think that's because I like throwing a "Melissa" at her every so often.

When I meet another Jennifer, I always call them Jen. Now that this name confusion has entered my life, though, I will be sure to ask them what the want to be called and how many n's they prefer.

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