Tuesday, August 2, 2016

If you could do it all over again...

If you could go back and restart your life, right at the point where you graduated from high school, would you? And what would you change?

I don't think I would honestly change anything, because I believe everything works out the way it was supposed to. But of course, I've always wondered what would be different if I had made other choices - everything thinks about that stuff, right?

Like if I hadn't chosen Buena Vista. I wish I had known then what I know now - that I should have applied for more scholarships, that I could have gotten my gen eds done before going to a private four year expensive-as-hell school, that I should have taken summer courses to get done sooner - but I loved my experience there, and I am proud of my degree. And I love that it's something my sister and I, and Nick/Hannah and I, will always have in common.

As far as my career goes, I think my background gives me a unique perspective on everything. I can bring my casino experience into my every day life, but I 100% think higher education is where I belong. However, going back to everything happening for a reason - my 20's were so much fun because of my job. I wouldn't have had the crazy experiences and memories that I do if I hadn't started my adult life working there. But now? There is literally no way I could still be doing that job now, or ever go back to it. I'm an entirely different person.

And of course, my personal life...maybe if I hadn't made some of the choices I did, I could be married now, with kids, in a house, on the PTA....but nah. I just do not think that's for me. And regardless of anyone's opinion on the matter, I seriously love my personal, private life and all of the people in it. I get enough little nugget love from nieces and nephews and friend's kids. And I sleep soundly at night with no interruptions unless the cats get into something.

Edit: I would not have adopted those fucking cats if I could go back and change something. They are bitches.

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