Monday, August 1, 2016

Hello August

And just like that, July is gone.

June and July were like a blur to me. I was just waiting....and waiting....and waiting....for the heartbreak of Nick and his family leaving to hit. And then it hit and it was...anticlimatic? I still talk to him daily. I am sure I will see him soon.

Anyway, since that is over with and I survived, I feel more normal and put together. I was waiting to fall apart, and since I didn't, let's move on!

  • I am so close to being done with Grey's Anatomy - and it's all I can think about. And since I work at a healthcare college now, I'm even more convinced I'm pretty much a surgeon already. 
  • My birthday came and went, and it was wonderful like always. I pretty much celebrated the entire week - Monday night I went to dinner with Bill, Heather and Kate; Tuesday night I went to dinner with Katie; Thursday (my actual birthday) I went to dinner with Ryan, Missy and Natalie; and Friday I went to dinner with Kate again. Saturday I visited all my parents and ate dinner with Mom, Aunt Tammy and Kate. It was a lovely way to turn 36.
  • I started at Clarkson on Monday, and my first week of work went well. These first few weeks of any new job are just so awkward; trying to learn everything and trying to figure out who is who. It is just so weird having a commute that only takes like 15 minutes, rather than 45! I am able to sleep a little longer and stay up a little later, which I love of course. 

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