Monday, June 13, 2016

Real World: South Dakota - Memorial Day trip, 2016

A few weeks back, Ryan, Natalie, Missy and I went to South Dakota. This is a trip Missy and I have been talking about for years, and we finally made it happen.

(And by "we", I mean Missy, who booked the hotel rooms, rented the car, planned the agenda and drove the entire time.)

We stayed at the most amazing hotel in Keystone. It had an incredible view and was tucked away in this little corner of the town.

I could write a million word blog entry about everything we did, because there was so much. Instead, I'm going to give you a bulleted list and throw my favorite pictures at you.

  • We stopped in Sioux Falls and ate breakfast/lunch at an amazing little diner.
  • The World Famous Corn Palace was of course a necessary stop. 
  • We had delicious donuts at Wall Drug.
  • We stopped and explored the Badlands - this may have been my favorite place.
  • We went to the Dinosaur Park and the set of the Dances with Wolves movie.
  • We drove to Sturgis and I finally got to see the town my parents have been talking about for decades. We also got to see (what was left of) the Full Throttle Saloon.
  • We drove to Wyoming to see Devils Tower and hike around it. This may have been my favorite place.
  • We went to Spearfish and went waterfall searching.
  • We are in Rapid City at an AMAZING brewery and ran around town looking at all the president statues. 
  • We, of course, went to Mount Rushmore - this may have been my favorite place. We also went back at night for the Lighting Ceremony, which was on Memorial Day so it had a cool presentation with it.
  • We went to Rushmore Adventure Park and rode down the mountain on an alpine slide - this was absolutely not my favorite part.
  • We went to Custer State Park and saw buffalo (sick) and ate buffalo (yum) at the State Game Lodge.
  • We drove a lotttttt and saw Needles Highway, Sylvan Lake, Crazy House Memorial (or the lack of a Crazy Horse Memorial) and ate some pie and ice cream.
  • On our way back through Nebraska, we stopped at Carhenge and we ate at a fun bar in Paxton.
The Badlands are bad ass.

Dances with Wolves movie set (Never seen it, probably never will.)

I was just trying to get some work down and those creepers wouldn't leave me alone.

We spent a lot of hours in the car.

Dinosaur Park

The snap stories got a little cray.

Devils Tower


Obviously we brought our own flag to Mount Rushmore.

Injuries are funny. (I'm fine, by the way.)

More hiking.