Monday, May 16, 2016

Sunday morning run

Let me preface this story with this: I recently ran a (final) half marathon, so I spent Jan-Feb-March-April training for it. I am a little gunshy about driving somewhere and parking to run (my purse got stolen two years ago while I was running a ten miler at a park in Omaha), so I did every single mile of my half training within five miles of my house. This usually resulted in me running through the same neighborhood several times. During my last 12 mile run, I seriously ran through one neighborhood eight times. I am sure the people who live there thought I was absolutely bananas.

Anyway. So yesterday I was running though my neighborhood again (no where near 12 miles. I think I did four.) and as I was finishing up, I saw a woman with a wagon ahead of me. She had two kids in the wagon, and I saw her stop three times in one block because the little boy couldn't decide if he wanted to ride in the wagon or walk beside it. She smiled and stopped each time, and I was in awe of her patience. The kids both looked happy and healthy and excited to be out on a walk, and I thought to myself that she must be a good mom.

As I got closer, she looked right at me and waved, and then motioned for me to take my ear buds out. I stopped, pulled out my ear bud and she said, "I just have to tell you, you're my inspiration." I must have looked confused because she went on, "I see you out here all the time, up and down and all over the place. You're so inspiring. So we're going to start walking every day!" I was speechless, and then the little boy yells out "You're the girl who never stops moving!" We both laughed and then the woman went on to say "He watches you out the window all the time." I told them all to have fun and we all went on to finish our workouts.

I couldn't stop thinking about them after that. I love that they are out walking as a family now. I wonder how many times that little boy saw me out his window. And it made me realize that you never know who is watching you.

I just hope he didn't see me when I was spitting rhymes and dancing down the sidewalk to gangsta rap.


  1. How amazing that you inspired them without even knowing it...really shows how we can make a difference with our actions :)

  2. where'd you go?! miss reading your posts