Friday, March 11, 2016

Half marathon training update

So my next (and last) (seriously, last, nobody ever ask me again to run a half) half marathon is sneaking up on me. My training is not going well at all. I seem to have a different ailment every week. Three weeks ago it was my shins. So I got some rest and wore some compression socks and that went away. Two weeks ago I couldn't run more than five miles without having a panic attack. So I did some meditation and sang some songs, and I got over that. Last week is was my Achilles tendon on my right side - hurt like a muthafuckin bitch during my entire nine miles.

Now this week I am sick as a dog with a ten mile run looming tomorrow. I am not sure I can run even one mile without hacking my lungs out, so this should be super fun.

The bottom line is this - I hate running. Yes, it makes me lose weight (I'm down seven pounds this month already) but I hate it with the passion of 1000 fires. I am done with it. After April 16th, I will not run more than five miles at a time ever again. EVA AGAIN.

Unless my ten miler goes well tomorrow, and then forget everything I just said.

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