Thursday, March 24, 2016

Giving up Twitter for Lent

Right before Lent, I went into a Twitter frenzy. I was truly obsessed with it, scouring my feed and adding accounts to follow on the daily. Even worse, I had truly become a stalker of certain accounts that I don't even follow, and was searching them out and checking them constantly.

It had grown into a nasty, ugly thing. I found myself paying more attention to my Twitter account than anything else. So when Lent came around, I decided it was a good time for a cleanse. I deleted the account off my iPhone, with no intention of actually lasting until Easter, but just seeing how long I could make it. I have a personal Twitter account and a work account (where I follow all the Midland sports, and a lot of my students....I find they are much more honest on Twitter than on Facebook), so my plan was to not log into my personal account but continue to check my work account.

I deleted it off my iPad as well, but I was going to leave it on my work phone. However, I kept getting notifications about my personal account on my work phone...everything must be linked? So I had to delete it off there as well. So I was quitting cold turkey.

And here we are, two days before Easter, and I MADE IT.

It was not easy. I love politics, and reading about the presidential race on Twitter had become an obsession. The Grammy and the Oscar awards came and went, and I missed out on all of that. But I made it. And I feel like some good came out of this social experiment with myself.

1. I watch the news now. I have CNN on all the time, and that is a much better way to get the news than reading someone's opinion on a Twitter feed.
2. I also downloaded local news and the CNN app. I get alerts now for breaking news, and it's actually important stuff. Not a Kardashian getting a hair cut.
3. I watched the Grammys and the Oscars and formed my own opinions on dresses, outfits, interviews and acceptance speeches....I didn't immediately go to Twitter to be told how I felt about things.
4. This has made me think about social media as a whole, and how sad we as a society have become. Now everything I see on Facebook seems stupid. Why did you post that? Why would anyone take a selfie, put up some musical lyric that wasn't written by them, or declare they are not wearing makeup, and post that? There is only one reason - for "likes" and to get people to say how beautiful the picture is. I cannot deal.
5. I wish there was a way to get rid of Facebook - I actually wish I had done this experiment with Facebook instead of Twitter. But it just seems like everything is so connected and online, and if you aren't on Facebook you don't even really exist.

So...I'm trying to decide if I should get back on Twitter this Sunday. I do like it, and I think I'm clever...but is it worth jumping back down that rabbit hole?

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