Thursday, March 31, 2016

March is over.

Whelp, March is done with and now it's on to stupid April, when I have to run a stupid half. But guess of April 16th 12:00pm, I will be DONE BEING A RUNNER!!! No more distances over 3.13 miles for this chicky.

I cannot wait.

Anyway, at the beginning of the month I made two goals: 1. Drink 90 ounces of water a day, and 2: Look better in two Husker hoodies that have become a little snug.

I am happy to say I completed my first goal with the exception of ONE tiny day. March 9th I was home sick from work and I was SO SICK. I couldn't get off the couch and everything I put in my body came right back up. So I am seriously not even sure I drank 60 ounces of water that day, let alone 90. But still...30 out of 31 days is like 96%, which makes me very happy.

As far as my hoodies go, I do think they look a little better!!

There is only about a seven pound difference there, so obviously not a ton of difference, but I can tell they feel looser.

Anyway...on to April goals!

1. 10k steps every day.
2. Track my food every day.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Giving up Twitter for Lent

Right before Lent, I went into a Twitter frenzy. I was truly obsessed with it, scouring my feed and adding accounts to follow on the daily. Even worse, I had truly become a stalker of certain accounts that I don't even follow, and was searching them out and checking them constantly.

It had grown into a nasty, ugly thing. I found myself paying more attention to my Twitter account than anything else. So when Lent came around, I decided it was a good time for a cleanse. I deleted the account off my iPhone, with no intention of actually lasting until Easter, but just seeing how long I could make it. I have a personal Twitter account and a work account (where I follow all the Midland sports, and a lot of my students....I find they are much more honest on Twitter than on Facebook), so my plan was to not log into my personal account but continue to check my work account.

I deleted it off my iPad as well, but I was going to leave it on my work phone. However, I kept getting notifications about my personal account on my work phone...everything must be linked? So I had to delete it off there as well. So I was quitting cold turkey.

And here we are, two days before Easter, and I MADE IT.

It was not easy. I love politics, and reading about the presidential race on Twitter had become an obsession. The Grammy and the Oscar awards came and went, and I missed out on all of that. But I made it. And I feel like some good came out of this social experiment with myself.

1. I watch the news now. I have CNN on all the time, and that is a much better way to get the news than reading someone's opinion on a Twitter feed.
2. I also downloaded local news and the CNN app. I get alerts now for breaking news, and it's actually important stuff. Not a Kardashian getting a hair cut.
3. I watched the Grammys and the Oscars and formed my own opinions on dresses, outfits, interviews and acceptance speeches....I didn't immediately go to Twitter to be told how I felt about things.
4. This has made me think about social media as a whole, and how sad we as a society have become. Now everything I see on Facebook seems stupid. Why did you post that? Why would anyone take a selfie, put up some musical lyric that wasn't written by them, or declare they are not wearing makeup, and post that? There is only one reason - for "likes" and to get people to say how beautiful the picture is. I cannot deal.
5. I wish there was a way to get rid of Facebook - I actually wish I had done this experiment with Facebook instead of Twitter. But it just seems like everything is so connected and online, and if you aren't on Facebook you don't even really exist.

So...I'm trying to decide if I should get back on Twitter this Sunday. I do like it, and I think I'm clever...but is it worth jumping back down that rabbit hole?

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Why Chandler Boone is my favorite

One day last week, I rode with Nick to work and on our way home, we stopped at Chandler's daycare to pick him up.

He got in the car, and about a minute into our drive, he said "Aunt Jen? I like your face a lot....I want to eat it!"

This made me laugh way harder than it should. Which made him laugh. Which made Nick want to punch us both.

When we had calmed down, I said to him "Hey Chandler...I like your face a lot...I want to eat it!"

You guys...he, like,  DIED laughing. And told me I was hilarious. He must have forgotten that it was his joke, from two minutes earlier, and I had just stolen it and repeated it back to him.

My. Favorite. Person. Of. All. Time.

Monday, March 21, 2016


One time in first grade, I was standing in a line with my cousin Sean. I am not sure where the line was going, but I feel like we were standing there for a long time considering we were only seven years old and our attention span was lacking.

Wherever we were heading, it was taking awhile to get there, so he and I were chatting. It was the kind of situation where you could talk quietly with your neighbor, but we were in the school hallway where other classes were in session, so obviously we were expected to keep it to a five inch voice or so.

Well, I felt like being a bit of a rebel, so I asked him how loud he thought he could scream. He shook his head, saying no, he was not going to test out his vocal cords at that point in the day. Even back then I did whatever I wanted, so I opened up my mouth and screamed a blood curdling scream, a scream so loud you would have thought I had just gotten shot or stabbed.

Our teacher, Mrs. Hansen, came running over to us. When she saw that neither one of us were bleeding, she got angry and asked which one of us had screamed. I confidently pointed at Sean, completely blaming him for the scream. I remember his jaw dropped and he shook his head no.

I can't remember what happened after that. I don't think I got in trouble, because I feel like I would remember that. I don't think he got in trouble, because I feel like the guilt would have ate at me and I would have confessed.

At any rate, I'm sorry, Cousin Sean, for being such a first grade d-bag.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Half marathon training update

So my next (and last) (seriously, last, nobody ever ask me again to run a half) half marathon is sneaking up on me. My training is not going well at all. I seem to have a different ailment every week. Three weeks ago it was my shins. So I got some rest and wore some compression socks and that went away. Two weeks ago I couldn't run more than five miles without having a panic attack. So I did some meditation and sang some songs, and I got over that. Last week is was my Achilles tendon on my right side - hurt like a muthafuckin bitch during my entire nine miles.

Now this week I am sick as a dog with a ten mile run looming tomorrow. I am not sure I can run even one mile without hacking my lungs out, so this should be super fun.

The bottom line is this - I hate running. Yes, it makes me lose weight (I'm down seven pounds this month already) but I hate it with the passion of 1000 fires. I am done with it. After April 16th, I will not run more than five miles at a time ever again. EVA AGAIN.

Unless my ten miler goes well tomorrow, and then forget everything I just said.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

March goals

I have never made monthly goals before, but for some reason I really wanted to this month.

I have these two Husker zip up hoodies I bought when I was at my smallest, and I put them on the other day. They are SNUG - I can still get them on and zip them up, but it ain't pretty. So I am making it a goal to have them fit better at the end of the month.

Oh, and I want to continue with my 90 ounces of water every day. I usually drink closer to a gallon (128 ounces) but on weekends I tend to struggle to get to the 90. So I am aiming to hit it every day.

Also, I started tracking my food again. This time around I am just using my Fitbit app to do it. I am also using another app, HabitBull, to track my streaks of days with these new habits. Right now I am at 12 days in a row of drinking all my water, and 8 days in a row of tracking my food!

I feel better about myself than I have in awhile. Now I am just dying to get this half marathon over with on April 19th. I am done with halves after this. I hate the training so much, and I hate being so reliant on running long distances (anything over 5 is long to me) on a treadmill. So I am going to stick to my shorter, more happier distances for the rest of my life. (HOLD ME TO THIS when you hear me talking about another half next year.)

Friday, March 4, 2016

Florida - Princess Run!

Missy and I went to Florida last month to run in the Princess 5k. It was so magical!

I could overload this post with pictures, but the one pictured above is my favorite.

The run was through Epcot, which I have never been to, and it was so fun. After the run (and a huge breakfast) we spent the day in the Magic Kingdom. I love that place.