Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Boob scans.

On Friday, I took the day off because I needed to go to the girly doctor for my annual. If you know me well (or at all), you know I use humor as a defense mechanism when I am feeling uncomfortable. And since having a man I barely know elbow deep in my hoo-ha area is uncomfortable, I've made it a bit of a game to see how ridiculous I can be. I try to think of the most off the wall questions I can ask him, and also I challenge him to see how quickly he can perform the between-my-legs activities.

However, he immediately shut me down this year by talking to me about serious issues - I need to decide for sure if/when I want kids and how I need to get my first mammogram this year.

Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. 

Well first off, I don't want to ever birth a child. So I told him that, but he still doesn't believe I know what I want, so I'm supposed to think long and hard about it. And second, my first mammogram is scheduled for Monday. I am terrified. I have never felt anything, but this is still scary.

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