Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday thoughts

Things I need right now: winter to be over, Leo to win the Oscar, winter to be over. #hatewinter

Tomorrow we are having a "Kick Cancers Ass" party for my Uncle Roger. He is getting ready to start treatment for leukemia. He is such a fighter, so he will be fine, but he is obviously scared out of his mind (rightfully so).

I am trying to decide if I should cut my hair. The right side is what it currently looks like:

I put these side by side to show the color change. But also because I insist on myself a little and I'm obsessed with my own hair.

I am trying to decide if I should cut it back to this length:

Opinions, please.

I absolutely need to get rolling on my Oscar movie watching. Hoping to knock out a few this weekend.

My aunt and uncle come home next weekend and I am PUMPED. And I have a four day weekend next weekend and I am PUMPED.


  1. Both look good, but I actually prefer the longer hair....but maybe that's just my envy.