Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday thoughts

I bought a Squatty Potty the other day off Amazon and I should be getting it today. I am so excited to poop in comfort. If I love it I'm totally buying one for my dad.

I have been super obsessed with my hair lately so I actually took a selfie yesterday and I can't stop looking at my curls.

I have been to a ton of movies lately. It's just going to get worse as the Oscars get closer, but I freaking love it. Is it weird that I love love love going to movies alone? But I want to be completely alone, I don't want any strangers near me either. The other day I went to see Spotlight and the theatre was so crowded that one person sat one seat away from me and another person sat right beside me. Not cool.

The weather has turned to shit. I don't know where this "global warming" is that everyone keeps talking about, but it is bullshit. I hate cold so much, but I hate the snow/ice/rain mix we've been getting for two days even worse. Even with 4wheel drive, I am such a nervous driver. When I win the lottery on Saturday, my number one purchase is a personal driver.

Tomorrow Missy and I are going snowshoeing. I am not even sure what that is, but it sure sounds cold. Instead of doing a 5k every month this year, we are just doing some sort of "physical adventure" each month. So snowshoeing is this month, and next month we are running at DisneyWorld. That's as far as we have gotten. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

I also started half marathon training this week. I am running the Wizard of Oz half again, but this time with John and 2.0. I mean, they will finish like an hour before me, but we will all be at the same race. I hope they want to get breakfast afterwards. I created my own training plan - I took a 14 week plan and merged it with my current kickboxing schedule. I just love kickboxing too much to give it up for running. So I will be running three days a week - a speed workout, a tempo workout and a long run on Saturday.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be kickboxing days. Sunday I will not move.

Everyone is obsessed with Making a Murderer. I watched it all over Christmas break, and I don't have a good feeling about Steven Avery. I know most everyone else thinks he is innocent and wants the president to pardon him so he and his nephew can be free....but I feel a little safer knowing he is in jail. Let's just keep him there.

That's all for now.

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  1. I can't believe you're doing another half. But that does look like a fun race! Let me know if you decide to head my way for a race at any point.