Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday thoughts

Things I need right now: winter to be over, Leo to win the Oscar, winter to be over. #hatewinter

Tomorrow we are having a "Kick Cancers Ass" party for my Uncle Roger. He is getting ready to start treatment for leukemia. He is such a fighter, so he will be fine, but he is obviously scared out of his mind (rightfully so).

I am trying to decide if I should cut my hair. The right side is what it currently looks like:

I put these side by side to show the color change. But also because I insist on myself a little and I'm obsessed with my own hair.

I am trying to decide if I should cut it back to this length:

Opinions, please.

I absolutely need to get rolling on my Oscar movie watching. Hoping to knock out a few this weekend.

My aunt and uncle come home next weekend and I am PUMPED. And I have a four day weekend next weekend and I am PUMPED.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

11 things

I'm having a rough time right now, so I am going to write about 11 blessings/things I am thankful for in my life right now. Because you know - sometimes you need a reminder and a little bit of perspective.

1. My health is generally good. My weight may be up right now, but I know I am healthy. I can work out really hard and keep up with people, whether it is kickboxing or running. That hasn't always been the case, so I need to remember to be thankful for that.
2. I bought a new scale this weekend. At the gym the other day, I measured my body fat and I am down 5% since I last measured at Farrell's in June! So my weight may be up, but clearly I am getting stronger and I'm not wasting my time with my workouts. So I went and bought a scale that also measures body fat so I can keep track of that as well.
3.My family is generally in good health. I have pretty young parents compared to my friends, and they are both in good health (even though my mom doesn't want to admit that) (another story for another time). I do have an uncle who is getting ready to battle his leukemia, but he has the best doctors in the world taking care of him so he will be fine.
4. It's awards season, and I just love this time of the year. Last weekend I was planning on seeing a bunch of movies, but the cold temps and personal stuff kept me inside. So this weekend I will see at least one!
5. Despite the mugging I witnessed about a week ago, I love my little apartment. I feel safe there (for some reason) and I love just having my own space that I feel completely at home in. My set up may not make sense for anyone else, but it suits me perfectly.
6.  I like my job a lot, and I love working with my students. Yes, there are days and things that happen that drive me crazy. But for the most part, I like what I do and I like going to work every day. And I have some pretty awesome and fun coworkers.
7. I have really wonderful friends.
8. My jeep runs very well. This wasn't the case during the holiday season, so I am thankful for the shop I took the ol' girl to so they can fix her up and I can (hopefully) go a few more months with no car payments.
9. Because of my It Works Greens, I haven't been sick all winter. I hope I didn't just jinx myself. But seriously, those little things are a godsend. I cannot believe I haven't been knocked out by a cold or the flu all winter!
10. It's Thursday, which means it's kind of Friday, which means it's kind of the weekend.
11. My aunt will be here soon, and I took a day off work just to go to lunch and hang out with her.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday thoughts

The squatty potty I bought last week is a game changer. Buy one. For reals.

Oscar nominations came out yesterday, so I spent a little bit of time at work in the morning getting my agenda for the next six weeks planned out. I freaking love this time of year. And I am so psyched that Sylvester Stallone got nominated for playing Rocky Balboa! I love that character so much. I don't think he will win, but I'm so pumped about this.

Last Saturday I got my hair colored a pretty dark black. I LOVE IT. It looks all ratty and is on top of my head right now, so no selfies for you. But I love having my hair one dark color again.

Half training/kickboxing is still going well. I'm exhausted pretty much all the time, though.

The other night when I got home from kickboxing, I pulled into my parking lot and a guy was getting jumped! I called 911 and ran into my apartment. I think I have PTSD from the event. I am scared to walk outside my apartment now. Last night I went and bought two different things of pepper spray, but I still feel very unsafe. Time to move?

I also have been ridiculously obsessed with Investigation Discovery and murder stories (Yes, like Making a Murderer) (He is guilty.). Between that and the robbery/jumping I witnessed, my dreams have been absolutely horrible lately. I wake up like every hour because I'm having a bad dream. I think I need a cleanse - no more true life crime stories for awhile.

This is what I look like right now. My weight is still up, but I just don't know what to do about it. I work out like crazy and I watch what I eat, but nothing is changing. I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing and not worry about the stupid scale because it's making me crazy and pissed off all the time.

Monday, January 11, 2016

"What good is the warmth of summer without the chill of the winter?" - John Steinbeck

First off, that is a great headline and quote, but let me just go on the record by saying I want spring so bad I can feel it in my soul. I just want to be able to run outside and not wear a coat and not scrape my windows and have my sliding glass door open.

However, winter is here, and this Saturday I embraced it with open arms. Missy and I started our "year of adventures" out with snowshoeing at Hitchcock Nature Center in Honey Creek, Iowa.

On Friday night we went to a hockey game with Natalie and Ryan. I was freezing cold in the arena, so I could only imagine what Saturday morning held for me. I was hoping Missy would be like "it's only supposed to be ten degrees, let's just skip." But I should have known better, Missy never wants to skip anything.

So Saturday morning I got up and started layering up. I put on running tights and then some heavier running pants on over that. On top, I put on a white thermal shirt, a hoodie and my spyder jacket. I put on two pairs of socks and my ugg-type-knock-off boots. Then I brought two scarves and a pair of ski gloves I borrowed from Nick that were way too big and would do nothing for me.

I went and met up with Missy and then she drove us out to Hitchcock. There were about ten people in our "class". The leader first went through all the different types of snoeshoes and the history of the sport. She told us everything we should pack if we were to ever go out on our own, and then we actually got to put the snowshoes on and practice walking around. I started getting a little nervous at this point, because I can barely stay on my feet on dry cement, let alone stomping out in the woods in the snow. But I had to suck it up, because we headed outside at that point. But not before I grabbed a pair of the extra gloves they had for us - there was no way I was going to keep all my fingers wearing Nick's gloves.

It was a little awkward moving around, but I got the hang of it quickly. It was kind of fun lifting my knees higher and stomping into the snow. We went up and down a few little hills, and I didn't fall once! I was extremely proud of myself. The whole experience was so fun! I would definitely do it again. And the hot apple cider afterwards tasted amazing!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday thoughts

I bought a Squatty Potty the other day off Amazon and I should be getting it today. I am so excited to poop in comfort. If I love it I'm totally buying one for my dad.

I have been super obsessed with my hair lately so I actually took a selfie yesterday and I can't stop looking at my curls.

I have been to a ton of movies lately. It's just going to get worse as the Oscars get closer, but I freaking love it. Is it weird that I love love love going to movies alone? But I want to be completely alone, I don't want any strangers near me either. The other day I went to see Spotlight and the theatre was so crowded that one person sat one seat away from me and another person sat right beside me. Not cool.

The weather has turned to shit. I don't know where this "global warming" is that everyone keeps talking about, but it is bullshit. I hate cold so much, but I hate the snow/ice/rain mix we've been getting for two days even worse. Even with 4wheel drive, I am such a nervous driver. When I win the lottery on Saturday, my number one purchase is a personal driver.

Tomorrow Missy and I are going snowshoeing. I am not even sure what that is, but it sure sounds cold. Instead of doing a 5k every month this year, we are just doing some sort of "physical adventure" each month. So snowshoeing is this month, and next month we are running at DisneyWorld. That's as far as we have gotten. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

I also started half marathon training this week. I am running the Wizard of Oz half again, but this time with John and 2.0. I mean, they will finish like an hour before me, but we will all be at the same race. I hope they want to get breakfast afterwards. I created my own training plan - I took a 14 week plan and merged it with my current kickboxing schedule. I just love kickboxing too much to give it up for running. So I will be running three days a week - a speed workout, a tempo workout and a long run on Saturday.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be kickboxing days. Sunday I will not move.

Everyone is obsessed with Making a Murderer. I watched it all over Christmas break, and I don't have a good feeling about Steven Avery. I know most everyone else thinks he is innocent and wants the president to pardon him so he and his nephew can be free....but I feel a little safer knowing he is in jail. Let's just keep him there.

That's all for now.