Friday, September 18, 2015

Things I need right now...

1. I need about thirty grand. That would take care of all my school loans, credit card debt and buy me a new car.
2. I need to seriously think about moving out of my apartment. My maintenance crew is a joke and a half.
3. I need a new work phone because I hate the Droid I have so much I want to throw it into a river. Does anyone have an old iPhone they want to give me?
4. I need to lose about 30 pounds. Or at least get to a comfortable weight where I can wear jeans again. It's almost jeans and hoodie weather!
5. I need to get more serious about running again.
6. I need to train myself to drink my coffee black rather than half creamer, half coffee.
7. I need to write thank you cards to people more often.
8. I need to finish The Walking Dead on Netflix so I can move on to my life.
9. I need get better about saving money.
10. I need some caffeine.

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