Monday, September 14, 2015

"It takes a long time to grow an old friend."

This weekend I had two friend "reunions". Saturday night I was with some girls I used to work at the casino with, and Sunday I had lunch with Steph and Ebbs, two of my best friends from high school.

It's so weird how different these two reunions were, even though all of these women have been my closest friends at different parts of my life.  

Saturday was an evening outside, drinking beers (not me) around a fire. I worked at the casino when I was 22-28. I don't even know how I lived through those years. We drank too much. We drank every night. We drank and drove home. We slept with the wrong boys, we trusted the wrong girls. It seems like so long ago, but Saturday night I was reliving the memories, telling so many stories and starting so many sentences with "remember when?".  In the middle of one story, I became that pathetic girl again who was obsessed with pleasing Roy and answering his every whim. Luckily, as quickly as I became that pathetic girl, I snapped back out of it. I am not that girl anymore. 

Working at the casino was such a learning experience, and I have a bond with the people I worked with that can't be explained. Casino life is so different. It's a 24-7 business, so you end up spending a lot of odd hours with people. We worked hard, but we were all best friends so it didn't seem like work. Only one of us (Missy) is still there, and I know I could never go back to that lifestyle. Hell, I tried once and made it like one day. I've just changed too much. 

Sunday was a lunch date, and both of the girls brought their baby girls. I cannot express how much a lunch, or dinner, or anytime with these girls warms my heart. There is just something endearing and sentimental about talking with people who have literally grown up with you. We have seen each other through everything, so our time together is spent catching up on our family stories, work stories, boyfriend and husband stories, and now kid stories. A lunch date takes well over two hours, and not just because Steph is always 15-20 minutes late. Hey, we may be grown ups now but some things just don't change, and Vinton time is one of them. 

Ebbs is holding Miss Viviana, who is Steph's 2nd kid. I am holding Anastacia, Ebb's first baby. Yes, I am one of the few from our high school group with no kids. And no, holding these babies do not make my ovaries quiver. Okay, they quivered for a minute but I quickly shut them up with a Miller Lite.

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