Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Basic white girl = check

I have decided this fall I am going to become the most basic white girl in all the land. I usually try to fight this, but I am just going to embrace it.

  • This includes pumpkin spice errrrthing. I already bought pumpkin spice scentsy type things and have made my entire office smell amazing, despite the fact the only two men in the office claim they are allergic. #getoverit #embracefall
  • I also have two pumpkin spice candles burning in my apartment.
  • I have made four batches of snickerdoodles in the last week. Wait...should I add pumpkin to my snickerdoodles? #yes
  • I have also finally embraced the pumpkin spice latte, which I have avoided for the past million years because I didn't want to be seen as basic. Who cares? I'm owning my basicness.
  • It hasn't happened yet, but very soon I will have dark, flowing locks to replace my summer blonde. It's all about the reds and dark browns up here in Basic White Girl Land, otherwise known as my apartment.
  • My lips - dark red. All fall. Every day. Basic.
  • Boots. Boots. Boots everyday.
  • Scarfs everyday, too.

Latte. Hoodie. Lipstick. Basic. 

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