Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday morning coffee

Happy Sunday! I am sitting on my couch as a Directv guy upgrades my cable (genie for the win!) and I'm having this weird sense of peace. Ever since I got back from my trip to see Juana in July, I have not been in a good place. I didn't want to come back to Omaha at all, mostly because work was a dramatic place to be and I didn't want to deal with it anymore. 

It has taken me a long time to get back into the groove of things. A few weeks ago I felt like I had lost control of most everything, so I actually made a list of the things that were making me unhappy. I have worked hard on eliminating or solving those issues. I am feeling much better about things now, and this morning I am feeling very content with life. 

Work has improved tremendously, and that does have a lot to do with it. When your job isn't going well or you are nervous every time you go there, it really makes for a sucky life, huh? But the dust has settled and I feel good about Midland. I seriously think not having students on campus makes me depressed. The loneliest place in the world is a college campus in July. In the last week, students who have campus commitments have returned and it makes so much of a difference! 

Now the only problems left on my list are money (which is always a problem for most people, amiright?) and my weight. So this fall I am going to work hard on both of those. I will be saving money - so no one ask me to go on last minute trips - I will not leave the states of Iowa/Nebraska until I go to Florida in February! And I will be working on the never-ending problem of eating better. My workouts are great, it's my stupid eating that is the problem, which has been absolutely terrible lately between my Wisconsin trip and a week of moving at work (we moved offices and we helped students move in, so lunch was bought for us every single day last week). I just need to remember that I'm only trying to be a better Jen - I can't compare myself to others because it will drive me crazy. 

Alright, cable guy is almost done so I am going to wrap this up with my favorite picture from our Wisconsin trip - if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know I could flood this post right now with a million pics, but instead I will leave you with this. 

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