Monday, June 15, 2015

Life update

I took a nice long break from blogging. Obviously. Nothing is really wrong, other than I just have been super busy and I tend to go through these weird phases where I want to stop blogging all together. Plus I found out that almost everyone at work reads this thing and that made me feel awkwardly on display. I never thought anyone read this thing except my brother, my sister and a few select haters (hi!).

Anywho...things have obviously happened during my hiatus, so let me fill you in:

  • I finished the ten week challenge at Farrell's! As many of you know, I have commitment issues, so the fact that I actually stuck with this is mind blowing. I love the workouts and the family-feel of the gym, so I am sticking with it for the long haul. My fit tests went well, but the number I am most proud of is my push-ups - I went from 22 push-ups in a minute to 77!

  • My Grandma Wilson died on May 31. We were close with her when we were younger, but she kinda checked herself out of our family back in 1996, so I haven't seen her often since then. However, my dad, Nicole and I were in the hospital room with her when she died. The following two weeks were ridiculous and her death left a lot of questions and hurt feelings But I learned a lot from this experience. 
  • I volunteered at Relay for Life in Glenwood and I realized how much I freaking love that little hometown of mine. 
  • Zach and I have a new arrangement where we go to movies all the time. It's fantastic. Yesterday we saw Jurassic World and I can't stop thinking about it. 
  • Nick, Hannah and I went to see Eric Church in Lincoln. That guy is......dreamy.