Monday, May 4, 2015

I really need a day between Saturday and Sunday

This weekend went by way too freaking fast.

Last week was straight up crazy. I didn't spend any evenings at home, but every night off my couch was well worth it. But still - I was anxious for some time this weekend to catch up on my DVR and just sit.

That couldn't happen on Friday, though, because I was meeting Missy and Katie out. So I went to kickboxing at 4:30pm (6am was not happening that day) and then met the girls for drinks (water for me, beer for them) and dinner.

Saturday was THE day. I was doing to go to class in the morning (leg day) and then not leave my house for the rest of the day. I was PUMPED.

Then my sister asked me to go to lunch with her for her birthday (she got her free Hu Hot lunch coupon) and then help her pick out paint. Obviously I wouldn't say no to that. So I told myself I would go to class, meet her and then spend the afternoon/evening on my couch.

So I met her, we ate, then we went to Menards and a few other stores. Soon it was after three and we parted for the day. "Okay," I told myself, "you have a lot of hours for nothing." I drove all the way home and as I put my car in park, I realized I hadn't picked up my race packet for the 5k Missy and I were running in the morning. So I headed to Peak Performance to get that and got home around 4pm.

THEN my night of nothing officially began. Except instead of nothing, I cleaned every crevice of my jeep (I spend a LOT of time in my car and it was starting to gross me out), did two weeks worth of laundry, cleaned every inch of my apartment and started food prep for this week. But I did manage to clear a lot of my DVR, so win win win.

Sunday was a pretty wonderful day. The weather was BEAUTIFUL, so Missy and my 5k was great. I was nervous about the route being hilly (it seems like every race I do that is in downtown Omaha is super hilly) but this one wasn't bad. The only bad part was since Saturday was legs day, I was cramping up every few minutes. But it was nothing compared to those poor suckers in Lincoln running 13.1 miles, so I tried hard to suck it up.

After that I went home and finished food prep for this week, then went down to Glenwood because all of my siblings were there and we had a two year old's birthday to celebrate! It was a pretty great day, and of course the selfie stick made an appearance!

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