Saturday, May 9, 2015

5 week testing!

Today was five week testing at Farrell's. It was a "take the good with the bad" type day.

I lost two pounds in the last five weeks, which I am thrilled with.
Somehow, however, the body fat machine measured no change, which sucks.
However, I lost three inches off my waist and almost an inch off my arms, which is great.

After all the measuring and weighing, we did our fitness tests.And this part was AWESOME!!

Last time I did 17 sit ups in one minute. Today I did 30!
Last time I did 22 push ups. Today - 55!
AND I took 33 seconds off my mile!

I am trying really hard not to think about the numbers. I impressed the hell out of myself with the fitness testing. 55 push ups!!

Shannon did really well, too. We are basically badasses.

But then we remembered we're not that hard and smiled.


  1. Your progress is so inspiring!! 55 push-ups is insane. Those are my nemesis.

  2. Thanks Micah! I am really loving this program.