Thursday, April 23, 2015

Farrell's - week three

On Monday I started week three of Farrell's. While I am starting to get the hang of this, it is still such a drastic life change and it is really taking me awhile to get used to it. Is this really my life? Am I really going to continue getting up at 530am every day forever so I can work out?

I don't know.

I don't mean I don't know if I am going to continue, but I don't know if 530am is going to be my call time forever. Mama likes her sleep way too much. (Referring to myself as Mama is so gross, but for some reason kind of hilarious). I am also a night owl by nature, so I worry about what I'm missing out on when my bedtime comes at 10pm. Yes, I live alone, so I am not missing out on anything in my apartment. But what about everything that is happening on twitter?

I may want to switch to one of the evening classes, because when I work at at 6am I have a little trouble filling my evenings and I want to eat everything in my kitchen. But I guess I could continue to work out at 6am, and then do another type of workout in the evenings. Maybe some light cardio or some yoga.

Anyway, about Farrell's. It is amazing. For reals.

The kickboxing days kick my ass every single time. The class starts at with a warm up, then stretching, then some punches and kicks with just our wraps on. I would be lying if I said I don't feel like a total badass when I put my wraps on. I look tough. Then we pull the bags out, and my badassness kicks in to highmotherfuckinggear. I did not realize how much I love punching things.

The strength days are done with bands. The bands range from yellow being the easiest, to green, red, blue and purple. I have yet to touch a purple band. On leg days I am mostly on greens and some reds, and on arm days I am trying my damnest to use green only but sometimes I have to use yellow. My upper body is WEAK, especially my shoulders.

The classes last 45 minutes, and there are all these little side "extra credit" things you can do - like a smaller challenge to do before or after class that takes 3 or 4 minutes. Sometimes at the end of class, one of the FIT students will just yell at "five minutes of abs if you have time!" and then people just drop and do a series of ab moves.

My nutrition is constantly a work in progress. I try very hard to follow my protein/carb plan that the dietician at Farrell's made up for me, but I'm not perfect. Friday nights it is really hard for me to stay on plan. I use Saturday as my free day, and then it's hard to get back on track on Sunday. I need to get the weekends figured out. Maybe when I start working a normal Monday-Friday schedule this summer I will be able to stay on track better. But things always happen that throw a wrench in it - like Monday, for example, was the first day of freshmen registration and I could not get my shit together. I was so busy all day, and I just wanted to snack my face off.

Anywho...I'm not really noticing a ton of changes with my body yet, and I don't think I have dropped a single pound. But I am feeling stronger, and more fit. I guess that's the point, right? It's a marathon, not a sprint...

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