Thursday, April 9, 2015

4 days in...

Today was my 4th morning at Farrell's. My life is so weird now. This has become my routine:

My alarm goes off at 5:20am, but I'm already awake. I naturally wake up at 5:10am somehow, so then I lay there for ten more minutes, try to wake up, and think about what the days brings. It's a wonderful little ten minutes.

Then I'm up. I immediately turn my music on - my Beastmode playlist -  and I throw on my gym clothes that are carefully laid out from the night before. Then I stand in my kitchen and eat a piece of wheat toast and drink a protein shake. This takes about three minutes, but it's another little wonderful chunk of time. This is when I mentally prepare myself for the ass kicking I have coming. I grab any food I need for the day, my water bottle, my work bag and I'm out the door.

The weather this week has been cloudy and rainy and gross, so my ten minute drive to the gym is kind of annoying. But I have myself timed perfectly to arrive as soon as the 5am class is leaving, so I get some rockstar parking. And yes, I also get annoyed at people who think they need to park in the closest spot at the gym, but I have to hightail it outta there right when class ends to get to work on time, so the closer the better.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are kickboxing days, so I've had two of them so far. Monday's class was tough - I didn't know what I was doing, so I was trying to watch the more advanced students.

Oh, I didn't mention that this isn't just "new" students in the class? Nope, after you complete the ten week program at Farrell's, you can opt to become a FIT student and continue on. So my class is about half new students, half FIT students. So there is no beginners version. I love that, though, because I feel like I am definitely getting what I paid for.

Anyway, Monday's class was tough, but I got through it. At the end, I started feeling a little light headed, so I crouched by a pole and started sucking down water with my head down, trying to get the blood back to it. I have passed out enough times to know I wasn't going to go down, but I needed to calm myself down. Immediately two coaches came over to check on me, but then I was good and got going again. That morning I had just had a protein shake and no carb before class, so I added a carb (whole wheat toast) and on Wednesday's class I felt a lot better through the whole thing.

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are strength training, so I have now been through the upper body and lower body work outs. We work out with resistance bands, and WOW. I had no idea you could do so many things with those bands. Those are some tough workouts, too.

After class I hurry up and shower and then head to work. It's weird - when I get in my car around 7am, I feel SO GOOD. I feel tough. I'm excited my workout is done for the day, and I'm determined to make good food choices all day.

2 more days and I am done with week one! And Saturday is a CHEAT day!! I have a list of things I want on my phone - I'm thinking if I write down all my cravings, then on Saturday I can choose the ones I really really want and enjoy them. It's all a mind game, yo.


  1. Ok I don't remember how I found your blog but it is adorable. I've just started running again and haven't even tried to tackle the nutrition part yet, but reading about your Monday makes me feel not so bad about mine (the daycare doesn't open until 8:30 am, so Idon't have to wake up that early :D)

    1. Hi! Thanks! The nutrition part is the hardest for me, that is for sure. I love to eat all the foods. Good luck getting back into your running!