Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Monday

Okay, I think I am finally ready to join the blogging world again.

Thank you for sticking with me through that much needed break. Here is an update on my life...

  • I had the best Valentines weekend ever
  • Missy's new years resolution was to run a 5k every month, so we are two for two so far. We did the Commitment Run in January and the Super Bowl run in February.  
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  • Speaking of running, my next half is April 19th. I know I said I was done with halfs. I am honestly not even sure why I am running this one. I have learned through the last year that if I am not working towards some sort of goal, it is really hard for me to stay motivated to work out. When I am training for a half, I get my ass out there and I run. When I am not, it is easier to just not do it. I need to figure out some sort of happy balance, because I like running short distances (3-5 miles) but I HATE anything longer. But I am signed up and already paid, so I will run this happy little half in April. 
  • I did something kind of big the other night. I signed up for Farrell's ten week challenge ( To say I am scared is an understatement. I am terrified. But I am so excited to be doing something that is not running and that will actually teach me things. I wasn't going to tell anyone about this, in case I suck it up terribly, but I am hoping the more public I make it, the more that will fuel me to succeed.
  • I have seen so many movies lately - everything nominated for best picture, and most of the acting/supporting acting categories. The Oscars are this Sunday and I am STOKED!
  • Work is going well. We have a new President, which is always exciting. She (yes, a SHE!) seems super cool, and caring, and already things seem more positive and uplifting around campus. I'm super pumped for the upcoming days.


  1. I live under a rock. You have a new president?! Dang, I should read the paper and watch the news. Super pumped that you are going to try Farrells. The boxing and bands will be freaking GREAT for you. Keep up the good eating and you are going to see some killer results. Serious. You GOT this shit.

    1. Yes! We have Jody Horner - she actually comes from a business background, and she is very employee centered. I am very pumped. It was sad to see our last president, Ben Sasse, leave us, but I guess they need him in the United States Senate.

      I am so excited to get started with Farrell's. It's all I can think about. I wish it was starting sooner than April!