Thursday, January 29, 2015

Enough is enough!

So I was in a pretty bad place after that last blog post.

I had turned my weight loss and workout life into a complicated mess.

Carbs are bad.
Smoothies and juicing is the only way to lose weight.
No, carbs are good.
Avoid sodium.
You need a pill of some sort.
Drink green tea.
Avoid dairy.
Avoid gluten.
Start using macros to determine your diet.

WHAT THE FUCK. Everyone has a different message, different workouts you should do, different rules for this ridiculous, life consuming game. 

So this is what I did.

I stopped listening.

And reading, and watching, and I brought to focus back to me.

I've done this before. Why am I over complicating things? I know how to be successful at this.

So I deleted all my diet apps, including Weight Watchers, and simplified my life. I reactivated My Fitness Pal so I could keep track of my food without worrying about points, and zero point foods, and activity points and weekly points. I put in my weight loss goal and it gave me a calorie amount to stick to.

I started training for another half on Monday, so I have ran every day this week. I added in those calories, but tried hard not to go over my original goal the app set for me. I stopped snacking in the evenings, have only gone out to eat once, and I indulged one night (SAG awards night).

I had my yearly "wellness" appointment this week, and I talked to my doctor about my struggles. I told him about rearranging my thought process, and my running, and how I have new outlook on how to be successful at this. He confirmed all my thoughts, telling me I am on the right track and reconfirming my thoughts that I have done this before, so I know what I'm doing. He told me he doesn't want to prescribe me any kind of "weight loss help" because I don't need. 

The result? This morning I weighed in five pounds down.

I got this.