Monday, December 15, 2014

Cliff Huxtable owes me an apology

Is this Bill Cosby thing wigging anyone else out?

In high school, we had a VHS copy of Bill Cosby: Himself. It was the funniest fucking thing in the world. My older brother John and I watched it endlessly, and on two occassions invited friends over to watch it with us. I have never ever seen Leanna or Matt laugh as hard as they did that night. It's one of my favorite memories with Leanna.

The Cosby Show was always one of my favorite sitcoms, and I am SO PISSED I didn't watch it one last time before the pulled it off Nick at Nite and Netflix.

When this news first hit a couple months ago, I ignored it. I just didn't believe it. If he had really done all these creepy things, then why weren't they brought to light when they happened?

In my head, these were seriously my thoughts: He was rich. He dicked around on his wife, whatever. It was thirty something years ago. Why are these bitches bringing this up now? I just didn't see how it was possible that this man I loved so much as a teenager would do these horrible things. I chose to not believe it.

But now it's kind of hard to ignore. All these women coming forward means it's true. As I always say,  women are crazy for a reason. When women go bananas, it's because someone (typically a man, let's get real) drives them there.

I want Cliff Huxtable back.

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