Monday, December 1, 2014


I just cannot get myself jazzed up about blogging these days. I've started like three entries and then I just stop, delete, put my laptop lid down and go about my day.

Nothing is wrong. I just cannot get my attention span to sit still long enough to get my blog on. But I will try to finish this entry.....

....okay, let's go.

November is already over, and, like everyone else in the world, I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by. When I was in the casino industry, I thought that time went by so quickly because I was always looking ahead; planning marketing calendars for months ahead of time. It would be January, but I was looking for items for a March St. Patrick's Day giveaway. Now that I'm in education, I am always planning ahead to the next semester - I just got all my kids registered for what classes they will start in Febuary. So time flies by, and the wrinkles on my face get deeper. And all of a sudden it's December, and I'm freaking freezing all the time and that makes me angry.

I might have a bit of that disorder where cold weather makes you depressed. I may need to start fake baking again.

Anyway, November was a lot of fun - Missy and I went to Iowa City one weekend to go to the Amana Colonies, Kalona and then to brunch with her aunt and uncle. It was a fun little getaway. Oh, and we went to the outlet mall in Iowa City. I am proud to say they do not hold a candle (what does that really mean?) to ours in Omaha. That didn't stop me from buying stuff at Coach, though.

Then Thanksgiving came and went. I ate a lot of food, and it was delicious. I watched Nebraska beat Iowa, then a few days later Bo got axed.

This entry sucks. I will write something better tomorrow. 

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