Saturday, December 27, 2014

Beauty box!

I am insanely interested in the idea of sample boxes, but I couldn't commit to one. I wanted them all. And that was just way too expensive. 

So when I heard that Walmart had a beauty box that is only five bucks a season, I was sold. You see...I'm not ashamed to admit I shop at Walmart. It's fucking cheap, and I'm a cheap ass (who carries Coach) so why would I not shop there? 

So I jumped online and ordered their seasonal beauty boxes, and I was so pumped to receive my first one the other day. 

I got 2 shampoo/conditioner samples, a Cover Girl lip gloss (full size), two lotion samples and a 10 pack of Burts Bees face cloths to wash and remove makeup. I'm most excited to try those. 

I got this box because it's the cheapest of all the sample boxes I have found. Of I really want more. 

1 comment:

  1. I did one of those once. Bulu maybe? Hell I can't remember. I DO remember it sucking though and a waste of money. I have really wanted to do a beauty one though... makeup, hair shit. You know the girly stuff. What ones have you looked into?