Sunday, December 28, 2014

Every day is the best day

Here are 12 wonderful pictures from 2014. 













Saturday, December 27, 2014

Beauty box!

I am insanely interested in the idea of sample boxes, but I couldn't commit to one. I wanted them all. And that was just way too expensive. 

So when I heard that Walmart had a beauty box that is only five bucks a season, I was sold. You see...I'm not ashamed to admit I shop at Walmart. It's fucking cheap, and I'm a cheap ass (who carries Coach) so why would I not shop there? 

So I jumped online and ordered their seasonal beauty boxes, and I was so pumped to receive my first one the other day. 

I got 2 shampoo/conditioner samples, a Cover Girl lip gloss (full size), two lotion samples and a 10 pack of Burts Bees face cloths to wash and remove makeup. I'm most excited to try those. 

I got this box because it's the cheapest of all the sample boxes I have found. Of I really want more. 

Merry Christmas you little sweeties

I have a confession to make. 

While I like the Christmas season and everything that comes with it (music, treats, trees, decor), I'm not a real big fan of Christmas itself.

My family really doesn't do much for the holiday, so Christmas Eve and Christmas Day have always been kinda awkward. We all just sit and look at each other because it's the holiday and we should be together, but since we aren't doing anything it's just weird and slightly annoying. 

I was dreading the holiday so much that I was in a pretty shitty mood the days leading up to Christmas. My expectations were very very low. 

Christmas Eve I woke up and headed to the Boone's to make Christmas goodies and give the boys their presents. My holiday was off to a good could it not be with these little sweeties? 

After that I went down to Dad's. He was getting ready to go out and be Santa, and of course Kate and I couldn't resist a photo shoot with his Santa gear. 

When Dad, Peg and Kate went out to greet the neighborhood with candy canes, I headed down to Grandma's. 

Grandpa was truly amazed at the self facing camera. 

The best part of the night was when Grandpa busted out his accordion. 

Christmas Day was more low key - first I went to Nicole's to give the boys their presents and I set Gavin's wii u up for him. Then lunch at Mom's, dinner at Dad's and then a very intense game of Jenga.

So between those great days, and the fact that I overdosed on cheesy Christmas movies and music this year, I think the Christmas jinx is over. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Stuff and things and thoughts


I'm just going to throw some knowledge at you.

1. Scandal. Is. Everything.
2. I now assume everyone around me is scandalous because I've been watching too much Scandal.
3. I'm not wrong about everyone around me being scandalous.
4. Nick lost a bet to me last night and paid up today. It was marvelous.
5. Tomorrow is my last day of work in 2014 and I CANNOT WAIT FOR BREAK.
6. Last weekend I got to run outside three times, and now it's like 18 degrees out. Mother Nature is a bipolar bitch.
7. I bought workout clothes from Old Navy on Black Friday, and they are Seriously.
8. Last weekend I took Cooper and Chandler on an adventure, and it was so much fun. I love those boys so much.
9. Sometimes my students make me so happy and proud I could cry. And then sometimes they make me want to pound my head against a wall.
10. Leaha was back at work this week, and it made my heart so happy. I wanted to hug her for an hour, but I settled for three five-second hugs.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Cliff Huxtable owes me an apology

Is this Bill Cosby thing wigging anyone else out?

In high school, we had a VHS copy of Bill Cosby: Himself. It was the funniest fucking thing in the world. My older brother John and I watched it endlessly, and on two occassions invited friends over to watch it with us. I have never ever seen Leanna or Matt laugh as hard as they did that night. It's one of my favorite memories with Leanna.

The Cosby Show was always one of my favorite sitcoms, and I am SO PISSED I didn't watch it one last time before the pulled it off Nick at Nite and Netflix.

When this news first hit a couple months ago, I ignored it. I just didn't believe it. If he had really done all these creepy things, then why weren't they brought to light when they happened?

In my head, these were seriously my thoughts: He was rich. He dicked around on his wife, whatever. It was thirty something years ago. Why are these bitches bringing this up now? I just didn't see how it was possible that this man I loved so much as a teenager would do these horrible things. I chose to not believe it.

But now it's kind of hard to ignore. All these women coming forward means it's true. As I always say,  women are crazy for a reason. When women go bananas, it's because someone (typically a man, let's get real) drives them there.

I want Cliff Huxtable back.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Blissful Sunday

Sunday was one of those awesome days. You know those days. Where you see awesome people who you love, do awesome things that are fun, and when you lay down at the end of it you can't believe how lucky you are.

I lounged in bed for awhile and then met Missy and Katie for lunch and some shopping. We did lunch at Dudleys (buffalo chicken pizza for the win), and then hit up the Holiday Market in Askarben. 

After that we headed out to Gretna for the outlet malls. I freaking love our outlet mall. I finally found the one thing I have been searching for forever...a hoodie with no hood. So I snatched that bitch up, and then Katie tried on some dresses, but didn't want to take her pants off.

Cute look. After that, I went over to the Boone's to watch the boys while Han and Nick did a little Christmas shopping. Cooper was highly impressed with the fuzziness of my coat.

We played play doh and, of course, drained the battery on all my i products.

Great day!

P.S. 8 days of work left this year. Holla!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Busy day!

Have you ever seen that episode of Friends where Ross is on leave from work (due to his rage) and he does a ton of errands/stuff and when he starts listing it off to Joey, Joey's response is "dude, you just described seven days worth of stuff." That's how my day has been.

This is so not like me. I normally put stuff off, or at least spread it out pretty well between my three days off. But for some reason my attitude today has been "might as well do it seems dumb to wait." So today, I have done all of these things:

1. Went to see my teammate Allison. Have I mentioned to you that my old high school math teacher (Mr. Stukenholtz) is now the principle (or assistant principle...or something important) at Allison's school? I saw him today. #butterflies
2. Then I went somewhere to buy something.
3. Then I went to WalMart to buy a new wireless router, because mine shit out on me last night.
4. Then I got home and hooked up said router.
5. I was going to do laundry on Sunday, but then I looked at it and thought why wait? So I did it today.
6. And I figured I should wash my sheets too, so I stripped my bed.
7. And since my room was stripped, I cleaned that from top to bottom.
8. And organized all my makeup and hair stuff.
9. I was going to wait til Monday to go to the post office, but I thought why wait? So I went today. Even though I didn't know where the post office is, so I had to google search it before hand.
10. When I got back I decided I should go through my closets.
11. Then I had to make two trips to the dumpster to get rid of all the crap I've collected since my last closet purge.
12. On my first trip to the dumpster, I noticed it was awesome out and I got a running itch. So I grabbed my phone and ear buds (and the rest of my trash) and after the dumpster, I took off and ran hard for 30 minutes. On a rest day. What the fuck.
13. I went to the grocery store to get some stuff to make a casserole from some other stuff I need to use up or it will go bad.
14. Rather than letting my laundry sit in my basket until I need something out of it, I actually folded it and put it all away.
15. Including hanging everything up that goes in the closet, which is my most hated chore of all the chores in the land.
16. Then I washed and put away all my dirty dishes (my family can vouch this is nothing like my usual behavior. I am an expert, award winning dish rack stacker (I made the award and presented it to myself).
17. Then I emptied the dishwasher. 

What the actual fuck is going on with me? I have to go vacuum now. Happy Friday, fools! 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

First love(s)

I wanted to talk to you all for a minute about my first love. Who was immediately followed by my second love.

This first guy set my standard. I was absolutely convinced that I would never find love because I could never really be with him. I would rush home every day after school to be with him.

I didn't get over MPG, but I did add another guy to my roster. I have always been good at juggling.

I have since added some more "first loves", but I will spare you pictures.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Recommitting to this here blog

So I've spent some time today stalking my own blog, and I realized that I am slacking like a mo fo. Last year I wrote 160 entries, and there is some good stuff in there. (Look to the right if you want to read some archives.)(Trust me, it's highly entertaining.)

This year, so far, I am only at 91. What the eff, Jen? What's your problem?

Well, I have to say this...I'm lazy. I love writing, but for the life of me I cannot come up with blog content. At least, not interesting enough content that I think people will want to read. I've been thinking and googling and researching and contemplating this blog tonight, and trying to decide if I want to give it up or continue just writing every once in awhile.

I'm not giving it up. Lucky you! And I am going to work really hard on blogging more often and making my entries more interesting.

So I thought I would start this revamping of my blog off with what I've been up to lately, and what has been keeping me so busy that I can't seem to blog.

1. I have been pretty obsessed with reading lately. There is something about cuddling up with a book under a blanket that makes me SOO happy.
2. All of those books from from the library. Yes, I still go to the library. I recently discovered the Millard branch of the Omaha Public Library and I love it so much more than the Ralston branch, so I have been going bananas with my library trips. I am usually there once a weekend. I want to work there.
3. When I'm not reading, I am obsessively watching anything on Investigation Discovery. My favorite shows are Deadly Women and Wives with Knives, and I just discovered a new show called Momsters about moms who lose their shit when someone messes with their kid. No, I'm not going to go crazy and kill someone, and, yes, I often have to fast forward through the bloody parts.
4. I am also spending a lot of time working out - I'm not focusing so much on cardio right now because running season is over and I cannot handle the treadmill. Instead, I am doing quick workouts on the treadmill or the ellpitical and spending a lot of time doing more strength training. We'll see how this goes.
5. Hopefully it goes well, because my weight is outta control. I need to get my eating under control. I need to just reel it in and act like I did the first time I did weight watchers. I'm working on it.
6. Work is going well, but I would be lying if I said I don't have a countdown going (11 days of work left this year...).
7. I have been OCD about keeping my apartment as clean as possible. I'm not sure what has come over me, but I spend a lot of spare time scrubbing and vacuuming.
8. I am also kind of obsessed with getting all my debt paid off, so I spend a lot of time looking at my bank account and wishing there was more money in it.
9. Instagram has become my boo thing lately. I am obsessed with it.
10. It's almost award season, so I am scouring the internet for clues on who is going to be nominated this year.

Monday, December 1, 2014


I just cannot get myself jazzed up about blogging these days. I've started like three entries and then I just stop, delete, put my laptop lid down and go about my day.

Nothing is wrong. I just cannot get my attention span to sit still long enough to get my blog on. But I will try to finish this entry.....

....okay, let's go.

November is already over, and, like everyone else in the world, I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by. When I was in the casino industry, I thought that time went by so quickly because I was always looking ahead; planning marketing calendars for months ahead of time. It would be January, but I was looking for items for a March St. Patrick's Day giveaway. Now that I'm in education, I am always planning ahead to the next semester - I just got all my kids registered for what classes they will start in Febuary. So time flies by, and the wrinkles on my face get deeper. And all of a sudden it's December, and I'm freaking freezing all the time and that makes me angry.

I might have a bit of that disorder where cold weather makes you depressed. I may need to start fake baking again.

Anyway, November was a lot of fun - Missy and I went to Iowa City one weekend to go to the Amana Colonies, Kalona and then to brunch with her aunt and uncle. It was a fun little getaway. Oh, and we went to the outlet mall in Iowa City. I am proud to say they do not hold a candle (what does that really mean?) to ours in Omaha. That didn't stop me from buying stuff at Coach, though.

Then Thanksgiving came and went. I ate a lot of food, and it was delicious. I watched Nebraska beat Iowa, then a few days later Bo got axed.

This entry sucks. I will write something better tomorrow.