Monday, November 10, 2014

Old Lady Weekend

Sometimes I cannot believe how different my life is now. I used to drink every night, Thursday - Sunday, and usually Sunday was an all-day affair. Now...this is what I did with my weekend. And I loved every minute of it.

Friday - I worked, and then got home and I was so pumped because a package from Amazon had arrived (there have been far too many Amazon packages lately). This one was packages I had bought for myself, but I am handing them over to my mom so she can wrap them for Christmas. This is truly the best way to handle Christmas when your mother is like mine, who will just buy you random stuff that has nothing to do with you or your likes/dislikes. For years, she got me towels every year, until I finally had to say "Enough with the towels? How many people do you think shower at my place?"

Anyway, I was particularly pumped for this package, because it is new sheets and a Roku for my bedroom (if you don't know what a Roku is, it's this little slice of magic that you plug into your tv and it allows you to stream Netflix, HBO Go, etc, through it). I decided I can't wait, so I unwrapped the magic Roku, set it up on my TV, and then packaged everything else up and I plan on giving my mom the empty box to wrap. Does that make me evil? Maybe. But I need to watch Scandal every night in my bed. (FYI, my mom does not read my blog, so if she finds out I did this I know who told

After getting that all set up, I met Missy and we went to the theatre to see St. Vincent with Bill Murray. SO GOOD. And shocker...I cried. Go see it.

Saturday I got up and ran a bunch of errands - Goodwills, Target, gym and the library. After all that, I went to my friend Erin's baby shower.

Was it weird watching a girl, who I once watched lick Captain Morgan off a table because she didn't want to waste alcohol, now freak out about baby socks and something that I can only assume is a purse for pacifiers? Absolutely. (Oh, and she decided the Morgan was too strong, so she dumped some coke on top of it and licked it all off the table.)

When that ended, I went over to Nick's and watched the Taylor Swift Shake it Off video with the boys, and then me, Nick and Hannah watched the movie The Neighbors with Zac Efron and Seth Rogen. We also had some angel food cake to celebrate Nick being on earth for another year.

Sunday I hit the gym early and then met Missy and Melissa for lunch at The Farmhouse (delicious) and then we went to the Harvest Festival, which is a huge craft fair at the Ralston arena. I love craft fairs.

Sunday night was spent watching the Bears forget how to play football and reading Lena Dunham's book.

Weekend = well spent. 

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