Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday stuff

Let's get down to it.

Last week's goals -
Food - I rejoined Weight Watchers, so my goal was basically get back to tracking. I did track every single day. I had one pretty major cheat night, but I tracked every bite.
Workout - I had 19 miles to run in one weekend. I didn't hit it. I developed a cold, and needed a break so I took it.
Other - Cleaning and laundry. Done and done. Those aren't even chores for me - I love doing it.

My weigh in this week was eh...I was up .8 of a pound. That's fine. I know why. Back at it!

This week's goals -

Food - No cookies, cake, or cupcakes. The three C's. That I love more than life itself.

Workout - I am training for my half, but I am adjusting how I am doing it a bit. I am still going to get a lot of miles each week, but I am going to focus on one long run and a few short runs. My body is craving other forms of working out right now, and I am going to listen to it.

Other - I want to finally get through all the nursing files at work. Lame, I know. But it's taking forever!

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