Monday, September 8, 2014

Ok, Cupid.

I'm sure some of you have noticed something missing from my blog. 

A single girl who doesn't write about dating?

There are a few reasons I don't write about dating on this blog. First of all, I am extremely secretive about that part of my life. Second of all, I am seriously the worst person ever at dating. 

That all being said, I do belong to an online dating site. It's called I do not actively use it. At all.  I don't even know why my account is still active. 

Okay, I do know. I keep it because it's entertaining as hell. I don't expect to meet my soul mate on there, or even a good temporary boyfriend. But sometimes it is hilarious to get on there and read the messages I get. Because, not to be conceited, but I'm fucking hot and I get a lot of messages. 

However, I am not consistent whatsoever with checking it, and I only have the app on my iPad, not my phone. So last night I clicked on the app (mostly to get rid of the little number icon, let's get real) and holy shit...

Ummmm. Jeremy. You're overwhelming. 

One guy caught me while I was clearing out messages. His picture was actually cute, so I responded. But sadly, he already broke up with me. 

He seriously quit responding after that. Hilarious. 

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  1. That last strand just made my day and it's only 8:24am.