Thursday, September 4, 2014

New life - old habits

Hi guys! I bet you thought I had already given up on my new habit of making weekly goals, huh? 

I didn't. But I made a pretty significant life change so I've rearranged my week a bit. 

Last week's goals were: 
Food - no potato chips. Epic fail. 
Workout- runs. Done! 
Other - get my shit together at work. Done! 

This week: 
Food - well here's my big life change - I rejoined Weight Watchers! I feel really good about this decision. My weigh in day when I was on it before was Thursday, so I will use that again and I am changing my "goal" day to this as well. 

Workout - I am struggling hard with runs this week. I am hitting the point of burn out. I remember feeling this way at about this time during my last half training. I will power through, but wow. My legs,body and brain are exhausted so running is so tough. To stick with my running schedule, I need to run 19 miles in the next three days. I don't even know if that's possible. But I will try my hardest to get close. 

Other - i need to do laundry and clean on Sunday. I now that's a lame one, but if I put it here I will try hard to get it done. 

In addition to my goals on Thursdays, I will also let you know how my weigh ins go. This morning I was four pounds down. That's a lot (too much) to lose in a week, I know, but it's just because I'm cleaning the crap out of my diet. The first time I did WW I lose 11 pounds the first week!

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