Sunday, September 28, 2014

Give me back my hometown

First of all, I will get back to my Thursday goal setting stuff next week. I'm not even sure what day it is today.

This weekend was B.A.N.A.N.A.S.

First of all, Thursday night was my brother's rehearsal dinner. Yes, my baby brother got married before me, but we aren't talking about that.

Friday was his wedding day. But in true Wilson fashion, we try to cram as many busy activities into small periods of time as possible. So Friday was also Glenwood's homecoming, and Gavin and I had to ride on floats in the homecoming parade. If you need more information on Glenwood's homecoming, read this entry from last year. To sum it up for you: it is crazy. So Friday morning I got to town, and then I hauled ass to meet my class to ride our float. Then I hauled ass to the Caste Unicorn ( badass, army vet brother got married at a place called Castle Unicorn) and posed for family pictures. And by "posed for" I, of course, mean photobombed.

After that, I hauled ass to pick up Zach, because I made him promise the day my brother proposed that he would be my date for this wedding.

Here's my mushy thought for this event:

My brother served two tours in Iraq and hasn't been the same since. Obviously, the army and serving overseas changes everyone, but he was injured and life isn't the same. He's angry a lot and doesn't seem to enjoy much of anything. He gets irritated quickly and has a short temper. I've been nervous about this wedding, and this relationship, and since he's my little brother I am overprotective.

However, during the dollar dance, I asked him if he was happy and his answer was "Jen, I am so happy." And I started sobbing and that was that. He even has seemed different since Friday. Happier. Lighter. I like it.

Anyway, after the wedding Zach and I hauled ass to meet up with some of our classmates at a bar.

Saturday was our actual reunion day, so I headed back to the bar but took it much easier that night. Today the girls and I met up for brunch so we could discuss everyone we saw over the weekend.

It was a beautiful weekend, and I saw so many wonderful people. But I'm not going to lie...I am PUMPED for bedtime tonight.

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  1. So glad your brother is happy and that in turn makes you happy. What a busy/fun weekend you had!!!!