Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mind games for runners who don't think they are really runners

I've wrote a couple times on how I struggle with calling myself a "runner". Maybe it's because I'm slow. Maybe it's because I still have a belly and fat and loose skin. Or maybe it's because I'm constantly comparing myself to those who can run a half marathon in under two hours and have a pace of eight minutes a mile. 
At any rate, I have a 13.1 sticker on my car and a wall full of race I am a runner. Get over yourself, Jen. 

I know if I struggle with this, others do too. So today during my eight mile run, I started to think of all the mind games I play with myself to stay motivated to hit the pavement. 

1. I always tell myself I can quit early. If I have a four mile run on the schedule, I tell myself I can quit at three if I really want to. Of course, when I get to the three mile mark, I always think "what's one more little mile?" and I keep going. 
2. I always tell myself I can walk the last half. Today, before I started my eight mile run, I told myself I could walk the last four miles if I really wanted to. Of course, when I hit four miles I got excited because I was halfway done, and I wanted to get done sooner so I kept running. 
3. I promise myself a treat afterwards if my run is over six miles. Usually it's not even food related. It's "if you go out and run this sucky run right now, the rest of the night you can lay on the couch and not feel guilty." But I'm not going to lie...sometimes my treat is an iced coffee or a full throttle soda. 
4. I switch up what I'm listening to a lot. If it's a really long run (for me, that is anything over seven miles) I listen to country a lot...not necessarily the best music to get you moving fast, but I'm not trying to break any speed records at that point, anyway. If it's a short run (3 miles or less) I listen to podcasts (I like Jillian Michaels a lot, or Half Size Me). And I always always listen to Miley Cyrus's 4X4 song to bring me home during the last .2 of my last mile. 
5. I always pretend someone I know is driving by and will see me. That motivates me to keep running, cause how sucky would it be to be bragging about a long run, and have someone say "oh, I saw you walking down Q Street looking like a pregnant turtle."

If you have mind games you play on a run, please share...I have lots more miles to cover before October 19th!


  1. Yes, yes, yes ... to all of this. I do all of these things.

    P.S. We need to try and meet up on Oct. 19 and get a photo together. Who would have thought, years ago when we were at BVU, that both of us would be runners now?!?!?!

    1. Yes! My number is 712.309.1331. Text me that day.