Monday, August 11, 2014


Man, this blog has become LAME. I am just too lazy to be a good blogger.

Here are some highlights of what you have missed:

  • I am three weeks into half marathon training and it's not good. It's so much harder this time around. I have been getting HORRIBLE shin splints, to the point where it takes me three solid miles before I loosen up. Help? Anyone, help?
  • True Blood only has two episodes left and I'm losing my shit. I won't go into all the details here because if you don't watch it I sound looney tunes. But just know that I am losing my shit. 
  • Students started moving back on campus today THANK GOD. You know where the loneliest place in the world is? A college campus during the summer months.
  • This quote has knocked my socks off."When I'm with you, it's like we're in a bubble above everyone else. And we know we can't stay there, but I after I'm with you it sure makes being back on earth better."
  • People can be really mean and selfish. 
  • People can deny deny deny and lie lie lie. 
I will come up with some awesome things to write about and get better about blogging. Swear on thugs. 

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