Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday goals

Remember that time I failed at every single one of my goals?


Here's the damage:

Food goal: Ummmm........I guess I can try to not drink any calories again this week. Maybe I should keep trying it until I actually succeed?
Pepsi, a lot of alcohol and a Dr. Pepper. Whoops.

Workout goal: I found a new app yesterday called Nike Training - it basically just gives you strength workouts to do. I started a new program yesterday that lasts four weeks. So my goal for this week is to actually complete week one.
This app just did not work for me. It has no flexibility if you want to move workouts around (example - I try to do a huge, long workout on my day off every week, but the app had me scheduled for an off day and it wouldn't let me change it). So instead I just had some really good running/etc workouts.

General goal: I am feeling icky about a few people in my life, so my general goal for this week is to not let them bring me down and to have a happy freaking birthday!
Fail and fail. First my mom tried to ruin the crap out of my birthday, then a friend finished me off. Awesome, right?

So...moving forward... 
Food goal: Clearly the whole not drinking calories thing is not going to work for me. In fact, since I was up all night upset, all I can think about right now is an iced coffee. So...goal for this week is no baked goods...cookies, cakes, cupcakes, donuts...
Workout goal: Half marathon training started yesterday! I have to get two three mile runs and two four mile runs in this week.
General goal: I have this horrible sap spots on my jeep from parking under a pine tree. (I think it's a pine tree. I actually have no freaking idea.) Anyway, I googled ideas on how to get them off, so I am going to make that a project for my day off this week.


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