Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday goals

Happy Tuesday!

Goal day!

Last week's were...

Food goal: 2 meals out all week.
I did well with this goal. I went to Taco Bell one day for lunch, and Old Chicago with my sister for dinner while in Ames. This was actually much harder than I thought it would be, which shows how far off course I have fell.

Workout goal: 5 workouts this week, including the 10K I am running on Saturday with Amanda.
Holla! Completed.

General goal: At this point, my goal is to run and empty my dishwasher. I know that sounds weak, but it is the chore I hate the most. It may take me all week to get this done.
And completed! It didn't get done until Sunday, but it got done. 

And now for this week...

Food goal: I am not going to drink any calories this week. Another thing I have let slide is my addiction to soda. While dieting, I only drank Diet Soda or water. These days, I go bananas with Dr. Pepper and good ol' full throttle Mountain Dew. No more of that (well for this week)!

Workout goal: Since I have a new half marathon looming over my head (October 19th in Des Moines) I need to work on making running more of a priority. I am going to shoot for three good running workouts this week.

General goal: My jeep is fucking disgusting. I still have mud in some areas from the Warrior Dash. I need to get that junk cleaned out.  

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