Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tuesday goals (a day late) (get over it)

Booooo....I didn't blog yesterday.

I did lose four pounds from puking my guts out all day, so there's that.

I am back on my game today, though, so here is how I did with last week's goals:

Food goal: Avoid drinking any calories.
Big fat fail. I drank Mountain Dew one night with dinner and I drank Pepsi at a movie on Monday night. Boo.

Workout goal: Three running workouts.

General goal: Clean out my jeep.

And now for this week:
Food goal: I seriously don't even know what to do about this one. My birthday is coming up (Monday the 28th) and I know I will be eating some good food. And we have food day at work on Thursday. Ummmm........I guess I can try to not drink any calories again this week. Maybe I should keep trying it until I actually succeed?

Workout goal: I found a new app yesterday called Nike Training - it basically just gives you strength workouts to do. I started a new program yesterday that lasts four weeks. So my goal for this week is to actually complete week one. I also start half marathon training on Monday again, so I am excited to have this to do on  my cross training days. In my over aggressive mind, I am thinking I will do this program on my running days, too, but we'll see how that goes when my long runs get longer.

General goal: I am feeling icky about a few people in my life, so my general goal for this week is to not let them bring me down and to have a happy freaking birthday!

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