Monday, July 28, 2014

I'm 34...that's the oldest I've ever been.

Ughhhh 34. This is the first year I have actually considering lying and saying I'm turning 32. I feel SO OLD.

Since my birthday is today, on a Monday, it's kind of lame. I mean, Mondays are lame anyway, and then you throw a birthday on top of it and it's like...lame. So I decided to spend this weekend doing all of my favorite things.

Friday morning started off with sleeping in (favorite #1), then working out, then heading to Glenwood where I feasted on chinese food(favorite #2) and swam in the pool with my nephew (favorite #3). Then my dad and Peg made me dinner of hamburgers (favorite #4), grilled potatoes (favorite #5) and Anderson Erickson cottage cheese (favorite #6).

Saturday morning I worked out again, then went boating with the Boones (favorite #7). However...that's where I got a little too into feasting on my favorite things, because I drank way too much and ended up puking up all the awesome buffalo chicken pizza (favorite #8) that Hannah and Nick made me. Nick drove me home that night, where the puking continued.

Did I mention I am spending my 34th year on earth completely sober?

Anyway, I woke up on Sunday morning a little weak and a lot dehydrated. I decided working out might kill me, so instead I watched The Wizard of Oz (favorite #9) and cleaned my apartment from top to bottom (favorite #10...don't judge, I love nothing more than cleaning and having a fresh, awesome, neat apartment). After that I went to Mom's for pork chops (favorite #11), and even with her best attempts to ruin my favorite-thing-birthday-weekend, (that's a whole other blog entry...she's crazy), I rebounded with a visit with one of my favorite people (favorite #12) and then watched TRUE BLOOD (favorite #13) and Jason Stackhouse didn't die. I was really worried about that.

And now today I'm 34. Which is really close to 35, in case you are wondering.

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