Monday, July 21, 2014

I can't hear

My weekend was busy. I can't hear. Between two concerts and a birthday party for a three year old, I have lost my sense of hearing. So I have spent a lot of time today saying "WHAT?" and, of course, today is the day all my students want to talk on the phone. Why can't they just text me like normal people? is my weekend in photos.

Me and Nick on Friday night at The Band Perry. That show kicked ass. And please ignore the fact that you can see my grey hairs like no one's business in this shot. I am OLD.

Me and Steph Saturday night at Dierks Bentley. This was my fourth time seeing Dierks, but it was the first time he ever wore a baseball type tshirt and DAMN BOY.

My favorite Boone turned 3! This this kid.

This was my hair after Dierks on Saturday night. It looks a little crazy, but I was a little turned on by myself.

And this is my foot after a weekend of two runs and two concerts. Fu-cking Si-ck!

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