Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bringing back the good habits

Hi guys.

Yesterday I did something I rarely ever do...I gave a co-worker my blog address.

It's not like I am ashamed of this blog - I'm not, at all. It's just that, for the most part, this blog is for me. That's why I don't do giveaways, or post workouts or recipes. It's seriously mostly so that I can write about awesome events in my life and keep track of my memories. Also, I was a big writer in high school and college, but I don't work in an industry that allows me to be very creative...so therefore, I need an outlet for all this creative energy I have.

I know it seems like I write about personal things on here, but I really don't. I have a good ol' fashioned notebook that I do my really private journaling in. Yep, just like a teenage girl. Only now I don't have to worry about my older brother finding it. When I was younger, I had notebooks and notebooks of journals...I kept them for years. But then one day I declared a "clean slate" and got rid of them all.

Anyway...after giving my blog address to my friend at work, I went back through and was reading some of the things I used to write about. When I started this blog, it was just a list (I love lists) of awesome things that happened each day. I was going to try to get to 1000 awesome things.

That got boring fast.

I do love lists, but I missed actually writing and telling stories. So I switched "1000 awesome things" to "red lipstick and sneakers" so I could write about whatever I wanted. Red lipstick and sneakers is a weird name, I know, but I spend a lot of time on the weekend in my workout clothes and bright red lipstick. What can I say...there is something hilarious about a girl who looks like a hot mess after a five mile run, but is wearing red lipstick like she's going somewhere fancy.

While reading some of my old entries, I see how into my healthy lifestyle I was. I weighed in religiously every Thursday and I even set goals for the week with things I was going to try. I have let a lot of that slip. I hit my goal weight and fell back into a lot of bad habits. Which is obvious, since my belly looks like a baby might be living in it (there isn't. that's gross.)

I'm not going to go back to stepping on the scale every morning - I just can't. When I was in the height of my weight loss battle (not a journey...a battle) I was addicted to the scale. I can't go back to that mentality. I am, however, measuring myself often. I find the tape measure to be a little gentler with its news. Also, I don't fret over ounces and let it ruin my day this way.

However, one thing I did that I really liked was I set three goals for myself - a food goal, a workout goal, and a general goal. They weren't crazy, but it seemed to work for me for awhile. I am going to try to do this for the rest of the summer. I will run my weeks Tuesday - Monday, since it's Tuesday and I want to start this right now.

Food goal: I am only allowing myself two meals out this week. I am assuming one will be Saturday when I am in Ames with my sister. This is where I am really doing terribly, so this will be tough. I just love all the good, terrible food.

Workout goal: 5 workouts this week, including the 10K I am running on Saturday with Amanda.

General goal: At this point, my goal is to run and empty my dishwasher. I know that sounds weak, but it is the chore I hate the most. It may take me all week to get this done.

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