Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday goals

Remember that time I failed at every single one of my goals?


Here's the damage:

Food goal: Ummmm........I guess I can try to not drink any calories again this week. Maybe I should keep trying it until I actually succeed?
Pepsi, a lot of alcohol and a Dr. Pepper. Whoops.

Workout goal: I found a new app yesterday called Nike Training - it basically just gives you strength workouts to do. I started a new program yesterday that lasts four weeks. So my goal for this week is to actually complete week one.
This app just did not work for me. It has no flexibility if you want to move workouts around (example - I try to do a huge, long workout on my day off every week, but the app had me scheduled for an off day and it wouldn't let me change it). So instead I just had some really good running/etc workouts.

General goal: I am feeling icky about a few people in my life, so my general goal for this week is to not let them bring me down and to have a happy freaking birthday!
Fail and fail. First my mom tried to ruin the crap out of my birthday, then a friend finished me off. Awesome, right?

So...moving forward... 
Food goal: Clearly the whole not drinking calories thing is not going to work for me. In fact, since I was up all night upset, all I can think about right now is an iced coffee. So...goal for this week is no baked goods...cookies, cakes, cupcakes, donuts...
Workout goal: Half marathon training started yesterday! I have to get two three mile runs and two four mile runs in this week.
General goal: I have this horrible sap spots on my jeep from parking under a pine tree. (I think it's a pine tree. I actually have no freaking idea.) Anyway, I googled ideas on how to get them off, so I am going to make that a project for my day off this week.


Monday, July 28, 2014

I'm 34...that's the oldest I've ever been.

Ughhhh 34. This is the first year I have actually considering lying and saying I'm turning 32. I feel SO OLD.

Since my birthday is today, on a Monday, it's kind of lame. I mean, Mondays are lame anyway, and then you throw a birthday on top of it and it's like...lame. So I decided to spend this weekend doing all of my favorite things.

Friday morning started off with sleeping in (favorite #1), then working out, then heading to Glenwood where I feasted on chinese food(favorite #2) and swam in the pool with my nephew (favorite #3). Then my dad and Peg made me dinner of hamburgers (favorite #4), grilled potatoes (favorite #5) and Anderson Erickson cottage cheese (favorite #6).

Saturday morning I worked out again, then went boating with the Boones (favorite #7). However...that's where I got a little too into feasting on my favorite things, because I drank way too much and ended up puking up all the awesome buffalo chicken pizza (favorite #8) that Hannah and Nick made me. Nick drove me home that night, where the puking continued.

Did I mention I am spending my 34th year on earth completely sober?

Anyway, I woke up on Sunday morning a little weak and a lot dehydrated. I decided working out might kill me, so instead I watched The Wizard of Oz (favorite #9) and cleaned my apartment from top to bottom (favorite #10...don't judge, I love nothing more than cleaning and having a fresh, awesome, neat apartment). After that I went to Mom's for pork chops (favorite #11), and even with her best attempts to ruin my favorite-thing-birthday-weekend, (that's a whole other blog entry...she's crazy), I rebounded with a visit with one of my favorite people (favorite #12) and then watched TRUE BLOOD (favorite #13) and Jason Stackhouse didn't die. I was really worried about that.

And now today I'm 34. Which is really close to 35, in case you are wondering.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tuesday goals (a day late) (get over it)

Booooo....I didn't blog yesterday.

I did lose four pounds from puking my guts out all day, so there's that.

I am back on my game today, though, so here is how I did with last week's goals:

Food goal: Avoid drinking any calories.
Big fat fail. I drank Mountain Dew one night with dinner and I drank Pepsi at a movie on Monday night. Boo.

Workout goal: Three running workouts.

General goal: Clean out my jeep.

And now for this week:
Food goal: I seriously don't even know what to do about this one. My birthday is coming up (Monday the 28th) and I know I will be eating some good food. And we have food day at work on Thursday. Ummmm........I guess I can try to not drink any calories again this week. Maybe I should keep trying it until I actually succeed?

Workout goal: I found a new app yesterday called Nike Training - it basically just gives you strength workouts to do. I started a new program yesterday that lasts four weeks. So my goal for this week is to actually complete week one. I also start half marathon training on Monday again, so I am excited to have this to do on  my cross training days. In my over aggressive mind, I am thinking I will do this program on my running days, too, but we'll see how that goes when my long runs get longer.

General goal: I am feeling icky about a few people in my life, so my general goal for this week is to not let them bring me down and to have a happy freaking birthday!

Monday, July 21, 2014

I can't hear

My weekend was busy. I can't hear. Between two concerts and a birthday party for a three year old, I have lost my sense of hearing. So I have spent a lot of time today saying "WHAT?" and, of course, today is the day all my students want to talk on the phone. Why can't they just text me like normal people?

Anywho...here is my weekend in photos.

Me and Nick on Friday night at The Band Perry. That show kicked ass. And please ignore the fact that you can see my grey hairs like no one's business in this shot. I am OLD.

Me and Steph Saturday night at Dierks Bentley. This was my fourth time seeing Dierks, but it was the first time he ever wore a baseball type tshirt and DAMN BOY.

My favorite Boone turned 3! This kid...love this kid.

This was my hair after Dierks on Saturday night. It looks a little crazy, but I was a little turned on by myself.

And this is my foot after a weekend of two runs and two concerts. Fu-cking Si-ck!

Friday, July 18, 2014

How to Lose a Guy in 10 seconds

This is hilarious.

Do you guys remember this guy? You might not want to click on it and read, so I will give you the cliffs notes (do kids still use those?) version:
  • Hot guy...wanted ass.
  • I gave it up for awhile, then didn't want to anymore.
  • I gave him super lame excuses but he didn't get it and was still trying.
So about six weeks ago this guy (let's called him PSG) was trying again. And I blew him off. And then I ran into him at an event and he spent all night chatting up this random chick who looked ugly and ridiculous.

So what does a normal person do? Get jealous and send him ridiculous texts of course.

In the game of "you like me more than I like you", I lost a lot of ground that night.

So the next day I really sat down and thought about this whole situation. I don't like him. I don't want to have sex with him. Every time he would leave my house back in the days we were hooking up, I would shut the door behind him and then slowly close my eyes and bang my head against the door. I felt gross, and I hated the feelings I was feeling.

I decided I wanted this to end, for good. So I sent him a very risky text that could end up changing my life in the worst way. But I had a amazing gut feeling that it would work out exactly how I wanted it to.

Me - "I've been thinking a lot. And if you want to continue hooking up, I need more from you. I need a commitment, or the promise of something. I need to be able to see you every day."
PSG - "You know I can't do that. It's probably better just to end this, then."

My feelings weren't even hurt. That amazes me. I deleted his number and haven't heard from him since. I waited awhile to blog about this, in the event my trick didn't work and he ended up coming back. But he hasn't...so this truly is a way to lose a guy in ten seconds!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday goals

Happy Tuesday!

Goal day!

Last week's were...

Food goal: 2 meals out all week.
I did well with this goal. I went to Taco Bell one day for lunch, and Old Chicago with my sister for dinner while in Ames. This was actually much harder than I thought it would be, which shows how far off course I have fell.

Workout goal: 5 workouts this week, including the 10K I am running on Saturday with Amanda.
Holla! Completed.

General goal: At this point, my goal is to run and empty my dishwasher. I know that sounds weak, but it is the chore I hate the most. It may take me all week to get this done.
And completed! It didn't get done until Sunday, but it got done. 

And now for this week...

Food goal: I am not going to drink any calories this week. Another thing I have let slide is my addiction to soda. While dieting, I only drank Diet Soda or water. These days, I go bananas with Dr. Pepper and good ol' full throttle Mountain Dew. No more of that (well for this week)!

Workout goal: Since I have a new half marathon looming over my head (October 19th in Des Moines) I need to work on making running more of a priority. I am going to shoot for three good running workouts this week.

General goal: My jeep is fucking disgusting. I still have mud in some areas from the Warrior Dash. I need to get that junk cleaned out.  

Monday, July 14, 2014

My first 10K!

I realize I did this in a weird order, but after running several 5Ks and a half marathon, I went backwards in my distance climb and ran a 10K on Saturday.

Let me start by saying (as I have mentioned before) I haven't been awesome about running since my half. I was burnt the fuck out with running. Training for a half is time consuming and soul sucking. So I have ran 3-4 miles a few times since May. I have walked a ton, and done strength workouts, but running has taken a back burner. These past two weeks I have tried to pick it up again, since I had this 10K looming over my head. I ran five miles last Tuesday, thinking that if I can make it to five I can get to six with no problem.

The race was dubbed "Midnight Madness" and didn't start until 830p. The time threw me off, and I thought it would be nothing to run that late - I ate a huge dinner and assumed I was warmed up enough...after all, I had been walking around all day, right?

Before our race, my nieces participated in the kids' run - it was just a short little race, but they were both so excited to do their first run. Kaylee kept saying "I'm kind of nervous, but I'm also excited. Like I'm a little nervous, but a little excited. It's my first run, you know!" And even though Gracie came in dead last, her enthusiastic "I came in last place!" was squealed in such delight that you know she had a blast.

Kaylee is right in the middle of this pic in the gray tank. Gracie is clear down at the end, throwing her arms around in an orange tank.  


The four runners.

Then it was time for our run - it took me a long time to get into a groove - during the first three miles my knees hurt, my legs hurt, and it was just hard to find a rhythm. But Amanda and I kept chugging along, and we were able to get to mile 4.5 before stopping to walk. It started to feel good at that point, and I got that familiar feeling of everything from the waist down going numb and I just move like a (slow) machine. 

It was a cool night - only in the lower seventies when we started running. However, the humidity was at 95%, so it was disgusting. We were both completely drenches when we finished.

But we did it!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bringing back the good habits

Hi guys.

Yesterday I did something I rarely ever do...I gave a co-worker my blog address.

It's not like I am ashamed of this blog - I'm not, at all. It's just that, for the most part, this blog is for me. That's why I don't do giveaways, or post workouts or recipes. It's seriously mostly so that I can write about awesome events in my life and keep track of my memories. Also, I was a big writer in high school and college, but I don't work in an industry that allows me to be very creative...so therefore, I need an outlet for all this creative energy I have.

I know it seems like I write about personal things on here, but I really don't. I have a good ol' fashioned notebook that I do my really private journaling in. Yep, just like a teenage girl. Only now I don't have to worry about my older brother finding it. When I was younger, I had notebooks and notebooks of journals...I kept them for years. But then one day I declared a "clean slate" and got rid of them all.

Anyway...after giving my blog address to my friend at work, I went back through and was reading some of the things I used to write about. When I started this blog, it was just a list (I love lists) of awesome things that happened each day. I was going to try to get to 1000 awesome things.

That got boring fast.

I do love lists, but I missed actually writing and telling stories. So I switched "1000 awesome things" to "red lipstick and sneakers" so I could write about whatever I wanted. Red lipstick and sneakers is a weird name, I know, but I spend a lot of time on the weekend in my workout clothes and bright red lipstick. What can I say...there is something hilarious about a girl who looks like a hot mess after a five mile run, but is wearing red lipstick like she's going somewhere fancy.

While reading some of my old entries, I see how into my healthy lifestyle I was. I weighed in religiously every Thursday and I even set goals for the week with things I was going to try. I have let a lot of that slip. I hit my goal weight and fell back into a lot of bad habits. Which is obvious, since my belly looks like a baby might be living in it (there isn't. that's gross.)

I'm not going to go back to stepping on the scale every morning - I just can't. When I was in the height of my weight loss battle (not a journey...a battle) I was addicted to the scale. I can't go back to that mentality. I am, however, measuring myself often. I find the tape measure to be a little gentler with its news. Also, I don't fret over ounces and let it ruin my day this way.

However, one thing I did that I really liked was I set three goals for myself - a food goal, a workout goal, and a general goal. They weren't crazy, but it seemed to work for me for awhile. I am going to try to do this for the rest of the summer. I will run my weeks Tuesday - Monday, since it's Tuesday and I want to start this right now.

Food goal: I am only allowing myself two meals out this week. I am assuming one will be Saturday when I am in Ames with my sister. This is where I am really doing terribly, so this will be tough. I just love all the good, terrible food.

Workout goal: 5 workouts this week, including the 10K I am running on Saturday with Amanda.

General goal: At this point, my goal is to run and empty my dishwasher. I know that sounds weak, but it is the chore I hate the most. It may take me all week to get this done.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

34 things I want for my 34th birthday

Happy July! My birthday is at the end of this month, so I thought I should come up with a birthday wish list. 

1. World peace.
2. Free cable.
3. My car and school loans paid off.
4. A paid month off work.
5. A tummy tuck.
6. Jillian Michaels arms.
7. Someone to give me flowers.
8. True Blood to play the rest of the season all at once.
9. Eric Church to play a show in my living room.
10. An iced coffee.
11. My work schedule to change to 12p-4p
12. Gas to be ninety-nine cents a gallon.
13. Actually, scratch the paid month off and the shorter work schedule. I just want my job to be pinning pins to my pinterest boards.
14. A hug from Bret Michaels (again).
15. A few people to just go away. I won't name names, but there are really only three I would like to leave and not come back.
16. An easy way to break my addiction to soda.
17. An evening where Nick and I do nothing but play old school Ninetendo.
18. A reunion night with the people I hung out with circa 2008-2010 where we all drink in someone's basement and play beer pong.
19. A ruby red slippers tattoo on the back of my neck.
20. A new pair of running shoes.
21. Pizza and nachos to have zero calories and zero fat.
22. And ice cream, too.
23. My kitchen pantry door to be painted with chalkboard paint.
24. A concert where Bret Michaels opens for Blink 182, who opens for Eric Church.
25. A personal chef.
26. And a personal trainer.
27. A spa day.
28. Running to just come really easy to me.
29. Chandler Boone to never get any older than he is right now.
30. Unlimited free airfare from Omaha, Nebraska to Portland, Oregon.
31. A channel that just plays reruns of Friends all day long.
32. A time machine.
33. Ten million dollars.
34. A better office chair because my bum hurts after coming up with this list.