Monday, June 30, 2014

I fell in love this weekend

On Saturday, Missy and I roadtripped down to Manhattan, Kansas to spend the day at Country Stampede. Lee Brice and Eric Church were the big acts at the end of the night.

Lee Brice is my peanut butter and jelly. This guy is my ideal.

This is everything I want in a guy. That look. That voice. And from what I hear, he used to be pretty slutty and dirty. SOLD.

I am also a huge Eric Church fan, thanks to Missy. I fought her on it forever...I think just because she fell so hard so fast for him and was obsessed so I was thought she was over-exaggerating him. But she wasn't, and I was wrong, and I will never doubt her again.

Let me get this straight...I was a huge Eric Church fan before Saturday, but now...something happened...and I seriously think I am in love with him. At some point I was staring at this...

...and my heart EXPLODED. I'm a little worried about this obsession because I can't stop thinking about him and I'm pretty sure I will never find a guy who can fill this Eric Church void.

He was singing Springsteen, and it was like he was singing directly into my soul. I love how his music takes me right back to being 17, when all of those emotions were so strong and I was so in the moment. There were no cell phones, no ipads, no facebook. Everything was happening right there, and if we didn't have an $8 disposable camera from Places, we just had to remember it in our hearts.

That's cheesy.

He's also fine as fuck.

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  1. Awww... the cute cheesy moment.....

    And then Jen came back.

    Sexy. As. Fuck. is right my sista.