Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Happy June!

June is just a happy freaking month, right?

College World Series. Stir Concert Cove. Pool days. Beers on patios. Firepits and s'mores.

I mentioned last week we are doing a workout challenge at work for June and July. And yes, it is only June 3rd, but I am rocking the shit out of this thing so far.

I have made three goals for June and I'm gonna work my tail off to make them happen.

1. Wear and track with my jawbone band every day. Hit at least 8,000 steps in a day. (Yes, I know 10,000 is what you are "supposed" to hit, but you sit at a desk all day and try to hit that. I welcome you to that challenge.)
2. Stop eating all of the candy. I am starting this one today because the last two days have been a shit show. Pretty much all of my calories have been from my stupid candy bowl that I keep on my desk for students...or myself. I get pissed when students take my candy.
3. Log at least 45 minutes of activity every single day. Like I said, this is not where my problem lies, but it will still be a challenge to hit that amount of activity every single day. I mean, on my off days I literally do nothing. So no off days for June!

Oh, I guess I have one more goal to add. I want to lose 4 pounds by June 22nd. That's the day that the final season of True Blood starts (which is the day I am most looking forward to this month) so I figure it is a good time to drop some pounds and lick my television screen when the hot vampires come back into my life. 

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