Monday, June 30, 2014

I fell in love this weekend

On Saturday, Missy and I roadtripped down to Manhattan, Kansas to spend the day at Country Stampede. Lee Brice and Eric Church were the big acts at the end of the night.

Lee Brice is my peanut butter and jelly. This guy is my ideal.

This is everything I want in a guy. That look. That voice. And from what I hear, he used to be pretty slutty and dirty. SOLD.

I am also a huge Eric Church fan, thanks to Missy. I fought her on it forever...I think just because she fell so hard so fast for him and was obsessed so I was thought she was over-exaggerating him. But she wasn't, and I was wrong, and I will never doubt her again.

Let me get this straight...I was a huge Eric Church fan before Saturday, but now...something happened...and I seriously think I am in love with him. At some point I was staring at this...

...and my heart EXPLODED. I'm a little worried about this obsession because I can't stop thinking about him and I'm pretty sure I will never find a guy who can fill this Eric Church void.

He was singing Springsteen, and it was like he was singing directly into my soul. I love how his music takes me right back to being 17, when all of those emotions were so strong and I was so in the moment. There were no cell phones, no ipads, no facebook. Everything was happening right there, and if we didn't have an $8 disposable camera from Places, we just had to remember it in our hearts.

That's cheesy.

He's also fine as fuck.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer lovin'

This was one of those weekends where I need another weekend to recover.

Bad. I feel like I got ran over.

But every moment was worth it!

Saturday me, Katie and Missy headed down to the College World Series for lunch and shenanigans. I love CWS time in Omaha. I don't even need to go to the game - I just love being down there. Julie, of course, was down there too, so Nick and I got to catch up with her.

One set of three best friends.

Another set of three best friends.

Sunday we did Fathers Day breakfast....

Good photo bomb, AJ.

...and then I crashed the Boone's Fathers Day celebration and went boating with them.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Fault in Our Stars = big sobbing, crying mess

I heard of this book a long time ago, but wasn't sure I wanted to commit to it. Plus, I had already heard it was going to be a sob fest, so I wasn't sure I needed that in my life.

Then it was getting made into a movie, so my interest peaked a little more...but still not enough to move on it. But on Friday, I was sitting on my couch feeling like junk about my own relationships, so I decided I needed to see a couple not make it and cry about that. So I found a showing that started in 20 minutes, threw my flip flops on and headed to the theatre.

Oh. My. God. I was not prepared.

When I was in high school, I went to see Armageddon with my friends Holly and Leanna. At the end, when Bruce Willis takes Ben Affleck's place on the suicide mission, I cried harder than I have ever cried at a movie. I remember sitting in the theatre, snotting and doing the wind up cry (you know...when you can't catch your breath and you make this weird gasping sound) and thinking no movie will ever have that affect on me again.

17 years later, I found a movie to beat that.

Let me start off by saying I love Shailene Woodley. I cannot believe this girl got her start on a horrible ABCFamily show. She is amazing, and beautiful and unique and I think she played Hazel Grace perfectly.

So I saw the movie, cried my guts out (and I didn't have any kleenex or anything, so I was just wiping my tears and snot on my Creighton tshirt...that's hot, right?) but then I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I downloaded the book on Sunday and read THE ENTIRE THING in one sitting.

I cried harder at the book. Maybe because I knew what was coming. But wow.

There are some differences between the book and the movie, but I think they were both done very well. The characters were well developed, and the story itself is just so heartbreaking and emotional.

AND Sam Trammell played Hazel's dad, so I got a little True Blood fix in before the season starts on June 22nd. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Warrior Dashing and Collective Souling

I was forced out of my funk on Saturday morning at 7am. Why, do you ask? Because it was Warrior Dash time!

Last year, when people were signing up, participating and talking about their Warrior experience, I cracked jokes about how dumb they were, and how stupid the competition was. Jealous? Bitter? Exactly.

So when my brother John tried to rally up the Wilson troops to participate this year, I committed. And Amanda committed, and then I got MISSY to commit and it was on. (Missy does not run.) (I'm sure I've mentioned this before.) (Although anytime we do run together, she is much faster and better than I am, so suck it up princess.)

Anyway, I picked Missy up and we were off. I was a pile of nerves. Almost worse than my half. Why?

Because I'm terrified of being forced underwater, since I can't swim. And I'm also terrified of drowning and dying.

But I committed, so off we went. It was hard. Really hard. The obstacles are not easy, despite what numerous people told me. But I did every one of them. I am not good at remembering things like this, so I will try to rattle off as many as I can remember:

  • Several, several things to climb up and down
  • Several, several things to crawl under
  • Barbwire. Barbwire is fucking terrifying, FYI. 
  • Mud holes to jump into and then mud hills to climb over.
  • Mud. Just mud. A big pile of mud to walk through. This is where I lost both shoes, held up traffic digging them out, and then walked to the other side in just my socks. Then through water, where I attempted to rinse said mud out of my shoes and socks with no luck. 
  • Rope ladders to climb through and up. 
  • Fire to jump over.
  • The last obstacle nearly killed me though. You had to pull yourself up a wall with a rope, then down. Then you had to climb up a rope ladder, and then you were at a balance beam. Or a plank. Whatever you want to call it, it was a board laid across a body of water...with water flying at you from all directions...and you had to walk across it with nothing but two ropes to keep your balance. It was TERRIFYING. Once you got across that, you went down a water slide that had to be lined with crisco, cause that fucker was FAST. This is where my fear of going under water came true. Gasping and spitting, I got through that, and then there was about 50 yards of mud again, with barb wire to crawl under (just to make sure you really got down and dirty).  
And then it was over! I had two major stomach drops, one moment of just pure fear, but it was done and I was a Warrior!

I have to give major props to my brother, who I know just wanted to leave us in the dust, but he didn't. Thank God, cause he had to talk me off a ledge (literally...he had to crawl up and move my leg for me) and he had to lift Amanda up over the mud hills. Also, Amanda did amazing! She can't walk and chew gum, but she is a Warrior. And of course Missy, who started the day off by saying "We can totally skip this and go get breakfast, you know" but, of course, was awesome.

So basically, I am super glad I did it, but I probably don't need to do it again. Also, I am SORE. I had no idea I was working that hard.

After that, Miss and I went to her parent's to shower and then we went to Pop N' Docs for lunch and a few shots. Seriously, I have listened to Missy talk about this place for years, but this was my first time. It lived up to her raving reviews. Then we headed back to Homaha for some rest before hitting the Cove for Gin Blossoms and Collective Soul!

 I love a good photobomb.

And I love Stir Cove and Summer Shandy.

Friday, June 6, 2014

A case of the grumpies

I have been a Debbie Downer lately. I went from a very high high to a low in a matter of 24 hours and I just haven't been able to get my groove back.

Too much thinking. I need to just stop and accept things at face value. I'm usually better about this, but, like I have mentioned a few times, when it is my time of the month I am CRAZY.

Today I have been thinking about how silly I have been acting the last few days. I mean, people, I had actual tears over a stupid event. Tears. Crying. I have it so bad I needed to cry? No. I am just a dumb, dumb girl., I have been thinking about all the reasons I have no reason to complain.

1. I don't have cancer, or any real sickness.
2. We have had some terrible storms lately, and I haven't even so much as lost power. I don't know how that is possible, but I love it.
3. I'm kind of psychic. I mean, I totally saw that horrible event coming. I just ignored my premonitions.
4. I basically always do whatever I want. Like today I will go lay out at my pool, and then watch Orange is the New Black on Netflix. I will probably binge watch the entire 2nd season. I have no one telling me to get up, or do anything I don't want to do. That's awesome.
5. On Saturday, I get to do the Warrior Dash with my brother, sister and Missy. This is awesome for so many reasons. First of all, I am sure John never thought any of his sisters would ever do something like this. Second of all, Missy hates doing any kind of running, so her signing up for this is huge. Although, I don't think we will be running much...mostly running through mud and fire and trying not to die.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

June 4th - National Running Day

I still struggle calling myself a runner. Yes, even after a half marathon I question whether I deserve the title.

But I do.

I run because it burns a lot of calories and because I love the feeling afterwards. Even though my runs are a struggle, and I hurt during and after, I love that feeling of being drenched in sweat. I still run slow. I will probably never run fast. I don't care.

I run because it wasn't that long ago that I couldn't run. I was carrying so much weight that running was just not a smart choice. Now I run because my legs work, damn it, and there a lot of people out there who have actual excuses as to why they cannot. I don't have excuses.

I didn't have a lot of spare time yesterday due to a 12 hour work day, but I took a half hour in the afternoon and ran a few miles and then walked back to campus. I had the new Miranda Lambert album Platinum to keep me entertained, and it was a nice little break in the day. I am glad I got to participate in the day!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I'm not sure why, but I've been uber obsessed with Pinterest lately. Well, I'm obsessed again. Re-obsessed. I go through phases with Pinterest, but this obsession has been going on for awhile.

If you're stalking me, my Facebook will literally give you zero information about my life, but my Pinterest boards will give you a deep look at my heart, soul and desires.

These are a few of the things I have found simply hilarious lately.

Sometimes I wish I was a dude, just for the Bro Code.

Last Friday we had Missy's birthday party and I got home just after midnight. I almost died. How people stay up until two and three am is beyond me. I am SO old.

Seriously. My boss giggles every time someone says "duty".

I have always prided myself on not being a typical girl, but this week I threw all caution to the wind and went on a full-on bitch rant.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Happy June!

June is just a happy freaking month, right?

College World Series. Stir Concert Cove. Pool days. Beers on patios. Firepits and s'mores.

I mentioned last week we are doing a workout challenge at work for June and July. And yes, it is only June 3rd, but I am rocking the shit out of this thing so far.

I have made three goals for June and I'm gonna work my tail off to make them happen.

1. Wear and track with my jawbone band every day. Hit at least 8,000 steps in a day. (Yes, I know 10,000 is what you are "supposed" to hit, but you sit at a desk all day and try to hit that. I welcome you to that challenge.)
2. Stop eating all of the candy. I am starting this one today because the last two days have been a shit show. Pretty much all of my calories have been from my stupid candy bowl that I keep on my desk for students...or myself. I get pissed when students take my candy.
3. Log at least 45 minutes of activity every single day. Like I said, this is not where my problem lies, but it will still be a challenge to hit that amount of activity every single day. I mean, on my off days I literally do nothing. So no off days for June!

Oh, I guess I have one more goal to add. I want to lose 4 pounds by June 22nd. That's the day that the final season of True Blood starts (which is the day I am most looking forward to this month) so I figure it is a good time to drop some pounds and lick my television screen when the hot vampires come back into my life.