Monday, May 5, 2014

I need a weekend

It's only Monday, but I need another weekend STAT. I didn't have any time this weekend to lay around and do nothing, and mama needs a rest day.

(P.S. I have no business referring to myself as mama. But I think it sounds kinda funny.)

Anyway - here is a list of what I did this weekend and why I need a rest day:

- Work out #1
- Work out #2
- Work out #3
- Cleaned my apartment.
- Cleaned my jeep.
- Went to see the 80's coverband Hairball which was amazing.
- Met two new friends.
- Ate cheese.
- Ate Garrett's popcorn.
- Went to Scooter's twice in a four hour period.
- Went to brunch at a new resturant.
- Went to the Farmer's Market.
- Bought body scrub at the Farmer's Market, but no vegetables.
- Walked through the entire Old Market.
- Walked across the Pedestrian Bridge.
- Sat outside and drank water while my friends drank beers.
- Ate buffalo wings that were boss.
- Watched the Kentucky Derby.
- Went through Missy's closet and borrowed dresses.
- Went to bed early.
- Went to Lincoln early.
- Watched Hannah and Nick run a half marathon.
- Ate HuHot for lunch because Hannah and Nick ran a half marathon (I'm supportive like that.)
- Went to Hy-Vee, Famous Footwear, Michaels, Dress Barn and the Dollar Tree.
- Got Orange Leaf.

I just realized I did get some relaxing time last night after my shopping day, becuase I started watching a new Netflix series and haven't been able to stop. But still. I want another day off. 

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