Friday, May 30, 2014

Challenge accepted!

I admit it. I have kinda slacked since my half.

With both my workouts and my diet.

Oh, and blogging.

So between the five pounds I gained during half training (how in the world did that happen?) and the ten pounds I put on since then (yep...ten pounds in five weeks. That's talent.) I am feeling pretty plump. And looking plump. Although somehow I am wearing a skirt a size smaller than normal today (how in the world did that happen?).'s on. Again.

I have started another, very private, blog to keep myself on track. It's ridic how honest I'm being with myself this time around. And we are starting a challenge at work for June and July. My department is competing with another to see who can log the most workout minutes. I cannot wait. I love a good healthy (pun intended) competition.

So that, along with getting back into the running thing so I am ready to run a 10K with my sister in July (and then another half in October...yep), I should be back on track in no time.

I just need to get my freaking diet under control! I LOVE ALL THE JUNK. All of it.

I think food issue hypnosis may be my best solution at this point.

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  1. You're gonna kick that other teams ass.