Friday, May 30, 2014

Challenge accepted!

I admit it. I have kinda slacked since my half.

With both my workouts and my diet.

Oh, and blogging.

So between the five pounds I gained during half training (how in the world did that happen?) and the ten pounds I put on since then (yep...ten pounds in five weeks. That's talent.) I am feeling pretty plump. And looking plump. Although somehow I am wearing a skirt a size smaller than normal today (how in the world did that happen?).'s on. Again.

I have started another, very private, blog to keep myself on track. It's ridic how honest I'm being with myself this time around. And we are starting a challenge at work for June and July. My department is competing with another to see who can log the most workout minutes. I cannot wait. I love a good healthy (pun intended) competition.

So that, along with getting back into the running thing so I am ready to run a 10K with my sister in July (and then another half in October...yep), I should be back on track in no time.

I just need to get my freaking diet under control! I LOVE ALL THE JUNK. All of it.

I think food issue hypnosis may be my best solution at this point.

Monday, May 12, 2014

20 years

Friday was a pretty amazing day.

The day started off pretty amazing, and then I made my way down to Glenwood. Friday was my dad and step-mom's 20 year wedding anniversary, and we were making a spectacle of it.

Back on May 9th, 1994, my parents went to the courthouse and quietly got married. No hoopla. No ceremony. So we decided to give them a ceremony, although they were very serious about this not being a huge deal and it only being family there. Of course, when your immediate family looks like this, that's still quite a few people.

We had a great day. We spent the afternoon hanging out and preparing for the ceremony, then we all got dressed up and headed into the backyard. The ceremony was beautiful, and not because I wrote it, but because of the obvious emotion and love my parents have for each other. I mean, my dad cried. Will he be mad I called him out on my blog? Maybe. But it was wonderful, and I hope to someday find a relationship where a guy will cry just because he loves me that much.

After the vows were said and the rings were exchanged, we partied for HOURS. A lot of food was consumed, a LOT of shots were taken. A fire was made. One person fell into the fire. One person passed out before 9p. It was a great night.

Monday, May 5, 2014

I need a weekend

It's only Monday, but I need another weekend STAT. I didn't have any time this weekend to lay around and do nothing, and mama needs a rest day.

(P.S. I have no business referring to myself as mama. But I think it sounds kinda funny.)

Anyway - here is a list of what I did this weekend and why I need a rest day:

- Work out #1
- Work out #2
- Work out #3
- Cleaned my apartment.
- Cleaned my jeep.
- Went to see the 80's coverband Hairball which was amazing.
- Met two new friends.
- Ate cheese.
- Ate Garrett's popcorn.
- Went to Scooter's twice in a four hour period.
- Went to brunch at a new resturant.
- Went to the Farmer's Market.
- Bought body scrub at the Farmer's Market, but no vegetables.
- Walked through the entire Old Market.
- Walked across the Pedestrian Bridge.
- Sat outside and drank water while my friends drank beers.
- Ate buffalo wings that were boss.
- Watched the Kentucky Derby.
- Went through Missy's closet and borrowed dresses.
- Went to bed early.
- Went to Lincoln early.
- Watched Hannah and Nick run a half marathon.
- Ate HuHot for lunch because Hannah and Nick ran a half marathon (I'm supportive like that.)
- Went to Hy-Vee, Famous Footwear, Michaels, Dress Barn and the Dollar Tree.
- Got Orange Leaf.

I just realized I did get some relaxing time last night after my shopping day, becuase I started watching a new Netflix series and haven't been able to stop. But still. I want another day off.