Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekend things

I'm going to try to blog from my iPad. My laptop is all the way over there (imagine me pointing across the room) and I just can't get up. 

My weekend was totes amaze. Wait. That makes me sound like a douche. Let me begin again. 

My weekend was wonderful. 

I love that my weekends start on Thursday nights, and this Thursday was pretty great. Then I slept in on Friday morning (I loveeeeee sleeping) and, while my original plan was to go running, I wound up ditching that idea. I just could not deal with the idea of running in the cold. So instead I went to see Leo. Who is Leon, you ask? Well he is my friend Leanna's new nugget. He was born April 2nd. 

 I am not sure why this is weirding me out so much. I mean, Nick has kids. My siblings have kids. Maybe it's just because I've known Leanna so long, and now she is a mom. 

Anyway, after that I got the weirdest feeling in my tummy that I needed to go see my grandparents. There have been so many weird deaths and events happening lately that I might be weird for awhile and clingy to family members. So rather than cross the bridge into Omaha, I jumped on the interstate and headed to the wood. 

I had a nice talk with my grandparents. I felt better after that. Grandma just had cataract surgery so she was rocking these sunglasses, and grandpa was rocking his confused look (per usual). 

Saturday I got up and had to do the run I skipped on Friday. So I went to Zorinsky (fuck you, purse thieves, you can't steal my spirit) and did it. It wasn't the worst thing I've ever done, but it also was not the most fun. I felt like I got run over by a semi when I was done. But I did it. 

When I was done running, it was Nick and Hannah's turn, so I went to traded places with them and watched the boys for awhile. Then we all went out to eat (because family dinner) and then Katie came over for some chatting. 

Today I went to the gym for a very short run (just to make sure my legs still worked) and then went back down to Glenwood to hang out with dad. It's not often I get to hang out with just dad, so it was wonderful and just what I needed. I have been feeling for awhile now that it is time for me to take a ride on his bike again...I haven't been on it for at least 12 years. So today we took a ride and guess what...I survived! 

Now I am back home. I started the ACM awards 90 minutes late because I figured I would skip the performances I don't care about...but of course I can't skip any of them cause this awards show is fucking it will probably be a late night! 

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